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Bush in 30 seconds award ceremony

January 13, 2004 6:23 PM

Drudge posted a partial "transcript" of the Moveon Bush in 30 seconds award ceremony last night. Some of these lines are hysterical.

Margaret Cho:

"Despite all of this stupid bullshit that the Republican National Committee, or whatever the fuck they call them, that they were saying that they're all angry about how two of these ads were comparing Bush to Hitler? I mean, out of thousands of submissions, they find two. They're like fucking looking for Hitler in a haystack. You know? I mean, George Bush is not Hitler. He would be if he fucking applied himself." [big, extended applause]

Chuck D:

"Son of a Bush and his crew is at it again, because, we do not want 8 years run by a Colon, a Bush and a Dick." [big applause]

Child's Pay by Charlie Fisher won the contest, and it's a very good ad. Moveon is trying to raise money to play it during the Super Bowl and make it the first political ad ever to run during the biggest television event of the year.

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Bush in 30 seconds award ceremony (01.13.2004)

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Look, it's libs like you that are ruining America.

I'm going to cut the shit. We were ATTACKED on Sept. 11 2001. Bush is fighting the terror. What would you libs have done huh? Would you not have invaded Iraq? Not invading Iraq is like escorting Osama bin Laden into the White House. Bush is defending the sanctity of marriage. The list goes on.

Chew on that lib.

Sun Apr 25 2004 3:18 PM

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