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CBS...This is liberal media?

January 20, 2004 1:24 PM

CBS is refusing to air Moveon's ad during the Super Bowl, but have no problem with running the White House's latest drug ad. CBS won't tell anyone what the White House ad is about, but a previous ad run during the Super Bowl accused casual drug users of financing terrorism.

CBS policy is not to run issue advocacy ads. Apparently the White House ad doesn't advocate any issue. Maybe taxpayers should know about that? They're paying for the ad that's supposed to discourage drug use.

Martin Franks, EVP at CBS, has an interesting view of what it means to be nonpartisan: "Taking into account the deep pockets in play in this election we don't want to appear to favor one side over the other." Oh, I see. Fair and balanced!

What Marty really wanted to say: "I'm not gonna risk losing access for my reporters by pissing off the White House just to run an ad that I can easily replace with Budweiser propaganda."

While I was writing this, MoveOn ran the ad on local cable here in Los Angeles during CNN's Inside Politics.

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CBS...This is liberal media? (01.20.2004)

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