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January 11, 2004 6:20 PM

Sharpton just landed a doozy on Dean. Responding to Dean's trumpeting of his endorsements from the Congressional Black Caucus and other leading African-American organizations and individuals:

"You only need co-signers if your credit is bad."

It was a great line, but I really wish Sharpton would warm up to Dean, because Dean would do great things for race relations in this country. The Black Commentator recognized this in Dean's Restoring the American Community speech:

Howard Dean’s December 7 speech is the most important statement on race in American politics by a mainstream white politician in nearly 40 years. Nothing remotely comparable has been said by anyone who might become or who has been President of the United States since Lyndon Johnson’s June 4, 1965 affirmative action address to the graduating class at Howard University.

You should definitely read Dean's speech, it exposes the Republicans' "Southern Strategy" for exactly what it is -- race baiting:

In 1968, Richard Nixon won the White House. He did it in a shameful way -- by dividing Americans against one another, stirring up racial prejudices and bringing out the worst in people.

They called it the "Southern Strategy," and the Republicans have been using it ever since. Nixon pioneered it, and Ronald Reagan perfected it, using phrases like "racial quotas" and "welfare queens" to convince white Americans that minorities were to blame for all of America's problems.

The Republican Party would never win elections if they came out and said their core agenda was about selling America piece by piece to their campaign contributors and making sure that wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of a few.

To distract people from their real agenda, they run elections based on race, dividing us, instead of uniting us.

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