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Is the real reason for Kerry's surge... Botulinum Toxin?

January 29, 2004 8:51 AM

The rumor mill is abuzz about Kerry's new look. Could his weapon of mass Dean destruction be botulinum toxin? His wife, Theresa Heinz, is an avid user of the Hollywood version known as botox. Spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter denies it:

Have you looked at him? He looks like a 60-year-old man who has been working too hard running for President, with little time for sleep and no time to worry about what he looks like. ... Our opponents can't attack us on the issues, so now they're attacking us on cosmetics. Pathetic.

Eh, good point.

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Is the real reason for Kerry's surge... Botulinum Toxin? (01.29.2004)

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Concerning "Teh-RAY-zah" Heinz

Skulking in the campaign background is a ticking time bombette with a volatile temper and acid tongue who makes Dean look like Mr. Rogers on Prozac. She's the wife of front-runner Sen. John Kerry, Teresa Heinz. Formerly known as Maria Teresa Thierstein Simoes-Ferreira, the hot-headed widow of the late Pennsylvania GOP Sen. John Heinz

Though she has been married to Sen. Kerry since 1995 -- "I would have bashed him over the head" if he hadn't proposed, she, uh, joked -- she only recently and reluctantly allowed herself to be known as "Teresa Heinz Kerry" in hubby's political brochures and during campaign events and press interviews. "They'll call me Mrs. Kerry, because that's what's natural to them," she complained to Elle magazine last summer. "I don't tell them to shut up. . . . I don't give a s--t, you know."

Boston Magazine reports that she once snapped on Halloween, yelling at three children who had rung her doorbell on Beacon Hill: "I had a big barrel of candy, and it's all gone!" she ranted, shutting the door on the bewildered youngsters. She has reportedly chewed out members of her late husband's campaign staff, her current husband's campaign staff, her children, her stepchildren, waiters and sales clerks.

Sympathetic media profilers attribute this anger to the tragic losses she has suffered in her life; several family members died of disease or accidents. A more honest explanation for why she acts up and lashes out at the little people as often as she does is that she has felt entitled to do so all her life.

Heinz/Heinz Kerry/Her Highness/The Big She first burst publicly onto the political scene during the 1994 Senate race in Pennsylvania to fill her husband's seat after he died in a tragic plane crash. The "moderate" Republican Heinz objected to GOP candidate Rick Santorum's social and fiscal conservatism, branding him a "Forrest Gump with attitude" who offers us "leadership by aphorism." Fumed Teh-RAY-zah: "We all know these types -- critical of everything, impossible to please. . . . They occasionally may mean well, but the effect of even their good intentions is to destroy."

Who knew she'd end up marrying exactly one of those type?

Thu Jan 29 2004 12:12 PM

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