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Joe Trippi replaced in Dean campaign

January 28, 2004 2:08 PM

Big shakeup in the Dean campaign after big losses in Iowa and New Hampshire. Joe Trippi, the now former campaign manager, is being "re-assigned." Roy Neel, an aide to Al Gore, and former Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff, will take over as campaign manager. He joined the Dean campaign 3 weeks ago as a senior advisor.

UPDATE 2:15PM: Just in: Trippi is leaving the campaign altogether.

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Joe Trippi replaced in Dean campaign (01.28.2004)

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This is for the best. Trippi failed to transition the campaign from fundraising mode to campaigning mode.

Wed Jan 28 2004 3:35 PM


As the undisputed front runner, Kerry will also now find the gloves are off. Other campaigns are staring at their do-or-die moments. Their best chance of survival rests on prolonging the fight by halting Kerry’s romp home. “We’ve moved a lot of material,” says one rival-campaign aide of the voluminous oppo research on the Massachusetts senator that is now finding its way into journalists’ hands. Other rival-campaign staffers are salivating at the prospect of digging into Kerry’s Senate record, especially his fund-raising records, to see if they can dig up anything on those infamous special interests inside the Beltway. “We’ll see if he can take the pounding,” says one.

Wed Jan 28 2004 4:22 PM

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