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Kerry & Bush even in national poll

January 30, 2004 8:09 AM

Kerry is even with Bush in a national tracking poll, via Political Wire:

Sen. John Kerry "has taken a one-point lead" (45-44) over President Bush in the latest Rasmussen Reports national tracking poll. "It has been a remarkable two weeks for the Senator. He trailed the President by 15-points immediately prior to the Iowa caucuses."

"Some Republicans indicate that they believe the public will eventually reject Kerry because he is a Massachusetts liberal. However, at this point in the process, just 37% of Americans identify the Massachusetts Senator as a liberal. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of Americans view him as a moderate while 11% say he is a political conservative."

According to Zogby, Kerry has a huge lead in both Missouri (34 points over Edwards) and Arizona (21 points over Clark). Is trailing Clark in Oklahoma by 8 points and is tied with Edwards in South Carolina. A Forum-WDAY poll has Kerry with a 16 point lead over Clark in North Dakota.

Let's see how this holds up once the oppo on Kerry hits the airwaves.

Meanwhile Dean's best showing amongst the 4 primary states is 12% in Arizona, and the only decent shot he has at a win is in New Mexico's caucus.

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Kerry & Bush even in national poll (01.30.2004)

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Well this bodes well for us Anti-Bushers at least. Look I know Kerry is a rubbish candidate and gives speeches about as well as a brick wall could but there is no way Dean is going to reemerge as a candidate. His campain is well and truly imploded. If your aim is Bush removal then rather than moaning about the tools you have to work with and setting yourself the impossible task of getting rid of them (because just LOOK at those results, Kerry won the primaries in a landslide) and use some of your own. Campain using the internet, phone services, door to door talking or whatever and highlight what a rusbbish "president" Bush has been or even better how he stole the election in the first place.

Sun Jun 6 2004 12:59 PM

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