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Kerry's dirty tricks?

January 30, 2004 8:18 AM

In Lisa Depaulo's GQ profile of Joe Trippi, it's really clear just how much hatred Trippi has for the Kerry campaign. Amongst many anecdotes, this one stands out:

His phone rings again. "WHAT? Aw, fuck. I hate this business. This fucking sucks. Okay, thanks." He hangs up. "They're robocalling our ones," he moans. Their "ones" are the Iowans they've identified as absolutely, positively Dean voters (though it would turn out that they were absolutely, positively wrong on the number). He has just gotten a report from the field that Dean "ones" are getting bombarded with computer-generated phone calls telling them to make sure to caucus for Dean葉hen giving them the wrong address.

Who would do such a thing?

"Kerry," he snaps. "They're the only asshole snake campaign that would do it." He sighs. "Every frickin' day now, I'm reminded of why I got out of this in the first place."

Kos has an analysis:

The Dean campaign keeps fingering the Kerry camp, and it's hard to see who else might be responsible.

The calls were targeted at Dean in Iowa and NH -- the two states that were must-wins for both Dean and Kerry. Gephardt might've been behind a robo-calling effort in Iowa, but he'd have no reason to do the same in NH.

Who else, the Republicans? Problem is that by all reports, these robo calls have specifically targeted Dean's "1s" and "2s". That level of sophistication would require an extent of polling unlikely from the GOP. Only Kerry would have conducted the type of polling identifying levels of support for Dean in both Iowa and NH.

So it's all anecdotal, but the evidence suggests dirty tricks from the Kerry campaign. The thought literally makes me want to puke (some of the calls suggest Dean is not a real Christian because he's married to a Jew). None of the other candidates have faced this type of puke tactics, so there's only one guy engaging in it.

God help Kerry if real evidence emerges.

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Kerry's dirty tricks? (01.30.2004)

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Welcome to Oklahoma, Wes Clark.....

Like the proverbial wind, the Wes Clark for President (King) campaign came whipping down the Oklahoma plains this past weekend........while traveling along the highway at a conservative and presidential pace of 88 mph, the Wes Clark Campaign 3-vehicle Convoy was pulled over by the Highway patrol and issued $450 worth of speeding tickets....a fine example to us all.

My sincere compliments for the dedication of the fine Oklahoma Highway Patrol by not bending to political persuasion.

This morning local communities awoke to find Wes Clark political propaganda stuffed inside USPS Mail Boxes, deposited there during the hours of darkness (a prelude to the coming years of darkness offered by the Clark platform). It was with great reluctance that a patron was compelled to report this violation of the U.S. Postal Codes to the USPS.....

Go Wes! Not even yet elected, and already above the law....

Politicians are the worst; they'll wear their country's flag in public, but they'll use it to wipe their asses in the caucus room, if they think it will gain them a vote."

George S Patton

Tue Feb 3 2004 2:53 PM

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