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Man and Nature: "joint authors of the human predicament"

January 13, 2004 8:20 PM

Jonas Salk in 1973's Survival of the Wisest:

In a sense, Man is like the Frankenstein monster. He has been produced by the process of evolution itself, to which he now contributes actively. Constructed for fitness to survive under previously prevailing circumstances, he must now accomodate to new conditions of life that are radically different quantitatively and qualitatively, for which he is, in part, responsible. Through the evolutionary processes that have produced him, Man and Nature together are now, in effect, the joint authors of the human predicament.

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Man and Nature: "joint authors of the human predicament" (01.13.2004)

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john greene:

I see the human race as just another kind of mould
creeping around the world,able to alter it's
environement,so that it can exist almost every-
To survive,moulds produce spores-hence the space
The human mould is a cancerous life-form,which
will kill the host it lives.Evolution will then
realise the mistake it had made.
And all in an Nth of time.

Sat Dec 31 2005 10:49 AM


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