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Nader on the Dems

January 9, 2004 10:43 PM

Ralph Nader on the Democrats: "They are a very, very cautious party. That caution has led to defeats at all levels of government for 10 years against a very extreme Republican Party. They can't even beat an extreme Republican Party."

Every Democrat I know is freaked out about Nader running. I look at it a bit differently. People are so sensitive this time around about Nader pulling a percent or two from the Democratic nominee, that it's extremely unlikely to happen. He'll either drop out at the last minute (he's not carrying the Green's torch, so that's a possibility this time) or the left will be so scared of what voting for Nader might do, they'll be even more motivated to vote for Dean just to keep Bush out of office. Greens are already flipping their registration so they can vote in the Democratic primary.

With Nader in, he can attack Dean from the left, and Bush can attack him from the right. All of a sudden, Dean begins to look more like the centrist he actually is, and Bush looks like a crazed right-wing member of the "extreme Republican Party."

Precisely because every one is so scared about what a Nader run would do to the Dem nominee is exactly why it could be a good thing -- in a very unconventional wisdom sort of way.

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Nader is not backing out. He is fighting the good fight. He is fighting for Democracy. He is fighting for choice and freedom. He is fighting for more than the presidency and so are all the other third party candidates. Please visit to see what they are fighting for now!

Mon Aug 30 2004 8:10 PM

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