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New Hampshire polls just closed

January 27, 2004 5:03 PM

8:00 PM, 13% reporting: Kerry - 38, Dean - 24, Edwards - 13, Clark - 13

Fox News exit poll: 38% don't think Dean has temperament to be president, of that 38%, 50% voted for Kerry and 0% voted for Dean.

8:15 PM, 17% reporting: Fox just called it for Kerry.

8:24 PM, 24% reporting: Kerry - 39, Dean - 24, Edwards - 13, Clark - 12 -- MSNBC just called it for Kerry

8:32 PM, 28% reporting: MSNBC just claimed that Kerry will beat Dean by double digits.

8:39 PM, 33% reporting: Numbers unchanged

8:42 PM: Chris Matthews is calling it a "crushing defeat" for Dean.

8:58 PM, 46% reporting: Kerry - 39, Dean - 25, Edwards - 13, Clark - 12

Kerry is set to announce victory, and CNN just displayed a Newsweek poll showing Kerry beating Bush by 3% in the general election.

8:59 PM: Good night. I'm heading down to the OC to drown my sorrows with fellow Dean buddies.

2:29 AM, 95% reporting: Kerry - 39, Dean - 26, Clark - 13, Edwards - 12

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New Hampshire polls just closed (01.27.2004)

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I wouldn't give up on Dean just yet, Kerry may have the votes but there is one set of numbers he is short on, CASH! Now there is even talk about him taking a SECOND MORTGAGE out on the Heinz Palace to help pay for this run. For some reason being the "Front Runner" has yet to translate into campaign donations.

What will be really interesting is the primaries next week. With Dean and Kerry further away from their home states - how will they do in the relatively Southern state of Missouri and in the deep South against Edwards? I know a lot of people are using a wait and see attitude (might explain the money problems for Kerry) before betting on any of the 4 front runners. At this point I give Edwards a better chance of catching Kerry then Dean - he took his two best shots in Iowa and New Hampshire and came up short in both.

Wed Jan 28 2004 6:42 AM


Scuttlebutt has it that Dean's campaign manager, Joe Trippi has left the campaign.

Wed Jan 28 2004 2:56 PM

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