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January 19, 2004 7:02 PM

Frank Luntz was just on Hardball talking to an Iowa voter focus group about why they voted for Kerry. They're against the war, and are supporting Kerry to get us out of it. Even though he voted for it, they're giving him a pass saying he didn't have all the information available to him. They keep talking about how the Vietnam war hero/anti-Vietnam war leader.

This feels exactly like a tech startup. The smart, scrappy upstart takes all the risk and paves the way for Microsoft to come in and own the market.

Remember a year ago? Kerry & Edwards were considered the most likely to succeed. Sure enough, that's what happened tonight. But without Dean principally and unabashedly standing up to Bush, everyone would still be thinking Bush is unbeatable.

Even if Dean doesn't win the nomination, the Democrats could not have won without the "anger" that Dean unleashed on Bush.

UPDATE: Trippi is being interviewed right now and concurs: "They won on our message."

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Paving the way... (01.19.2004)

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