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Schwarzenegger's brutal, yet impressive, budget

January 12, 2004 9:30 AM

Schwarzenegger's budget proposal is brutal, but basically doesn't touch K-12 education, just like he promised:

It would cut health care and monthly stipends for the poor, reduce services to the disabled, block access to college for thousands of students and raise fees on those who do get into the universities and community colleges. The plan would also shift $1.3 billion in property taxes away from local governments, forcing them to cut their services as well -- everything from police and fire protection to health care, parks and libraries.

While there's still a $3 billion gap (down from $14 billion), there's not a single tax increase in the proposal. Personally, I think he shouldn't be so adamant about keeping taxes off the table, but he deserves a lot of credit for really, really trying to stay true to his campaign promises and fix California's massive budget problem.

I didn't vote for him, but I continue to be impressed. Indeed, Arnold and Maria are a helluva lot better than Gray.

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Schwarzenegger's brutal, yet impressive, budget (01.12.2004)

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I'm withholding judgement for the time being. First of all, Schwarzenegger is taking $1.3 billion from local property tax revenues. Sound like the Bush tax to anyone? It's just a cheap way of cutting services and leaving local government to be blamed for it.

Also, he's counting on some unlikely scenarios, such as the federal government kicking in some money (that might not be so unlikely, in an election year, and with a Republican Governor) and the native American tribes renegotiating the gaming compact. This budget still isn't balanced, and California resident college students are taking a major hit, particularly graduate students.

Back to the item on getting money from the federal government, I think Arnold should squeeze Bush for all he's worth. If Bush wants the faint (and unrealistic) hope of California voting for him, he'd better start throwing some bennies our way.

Mon Jan 12 2004 11:31 AM

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