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State of the Union -- live reactions

January 20, 2004 6:09 PM

After Bush picked up a young black girl, someone commented: "There's the shot of the night."

9:11 PM: Troops are making us more secure.

9:12 PM: Tax relief is working.

9:13 PM: Prescription drugs for seniors. -Ted Kennedy laughed.

9:14 PM: American people are showing the state of our union is confident and strong.

9:15 PM: Tempting to believe danger is behind us. They are still plotting, and will be defeated.

He's said "great responsibility" twice already.

9:17 PM: Some parts of Patriot Act will expire next year [scattered applause!] You need to renew the Patriot Act.

9:19 PM: We refuse to live in shadow of this ultimate danger - referring to regimes that can give nukes to terrorists

9:20 PM: Afghanistan is doing great. America is honored to be their friend.

9:20 PM: Ended the regime of Saddam Hussein, people of Iraq are free. [hooting and hollering]

9:21 PM: Saddam found in a hole, and sits in a cell.

9:22 PM: As democracy takes hold, enemies of freedom will spread violence and fear. U.S. will never be intimidated by thugs and assassins.

9:24 PM: Introduced head of Iraqi Governing Council - Adnan Pachachi, sitting next to Laura.

9:25 PM: Libya giving up "weapons of mass murder." 9 months of diplomacy worked.

9:26 PM: North Korea is on notice.

9:29 PM: Some question whether this is a war, or just to be viewed as a crime. Not enough to serve with legal papers. Terrorists declared war on United States and war is what they got. -- Can't believe he just said that.

9:30 PM: Kay report identified dozens of wmd program "activities" - Ted Kennedy is going nuts. Bush is desperately trying to defend his war. This is painful.

9:31 PM: The world is a better and safer place.

9:32 PM: Ooh, he can name all the countries in the "coalition of the willing"

9:33 PM: America will never seek a "permission slip" to defend the security of our country.

9:34 PM: God has planted in every heart the desire to live in freedom.

9:35 PM: Still defending Iraq war.

9:35 PM: Afghanistan and Iraq will light the way for others. No ambitions for empire.

9:36 PM: This great republic will lead the cause for freedom.

9:36 PM: Now the economy. Thanks to tax relief, this economy is strong and growing stronger.

9:37 PM: It took him 20 seconds to name all the tax cuts!

9:39 PM: Jobs are changing in new economy. Need new skills.

9:40 PM: Now education. We expect third graders to read at a third grade level. That's not asking too much. We will not shuffle kids from grade to grade without learning basics. Rah Rah for No Child Left Behind.

9:41 PM: Jobs for the 21st Century programs

9:43 PM: Taxes set to expire [scattered applause!], yelling "unless you act" american people will face a tax increase!!!

9:45 PM: Personal retirement accounts [gutting social security]

9:46 PM: Cut deficit in half over next five years

9:47 PM: Reform immigration. Businesses get cheap labor.

9:48 PM: Health insurance. Control costs and extend benefits. Rah rah for prescription benefits.

9:50 PM: Health savings accounts. [they keep cutting to ted kennedy. this is great]

9:51 PM: Association health plans. Give low income Americans refundable tax credits so they can buy their own insurance.

9:52 PM: Eliminate wasteful and frivolous medical lawsuits. [boy, he got passionate on that one]

9:52 PM: Catastrophic health coverage under new health savings accounts should be 100% deductible. Government run system is wrong system.

9:54 PM: Citing drug stats amongst young people having gone down. [this is very deceptive, there's been an increase in the last decade]

9:55 PM: drug testing!!?!

9:56 PM: Get rid of steroids now.

9:57 PM: STDs. Doubling funding for abstinence programs.

9:58 PM: Marriage. Whoa!!! Threatened a constitutional amendment to "defend sanctity of marriage." Yowza. Rick Santorum was ecstatic.

10:01 PM: Prisoner re-entry program. Transitional housing, mentoring from faith based groups. [gotta convert those ex-cons]

10:04 PM: Say thank you when you see a man or woman in uniform.

The black girl he picked up is now asleep.

Here is the official transcript.

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State of the Union -- live reactions (01.20.2004)

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Thanks, Jim. You saved me from having to watch it myself, which I'm not sure I could stomach.

Tue Jan 20 2004 7:18 PM

Beau Hebert:

Wow, your little commentary is quite a load of crap. You make no sense, nor do you legitimately have any arguments to any of the excellent things that have been said or done by this administration. So, so sad. Please, find a life that's worthwhile.

Wed Jan 28 2004 4:42 PM



Wed Sep 22 2004 6:56 PM

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