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"weapons of mass destruction-related program activities"

January 22, 2004 3:56 PM

There's a key sequence in Uncovered that shows how the Bush administration changed the language about finding WMD in Iraq from actual weapons to weapons programs. Well, in Tuesday's State of the Union it got even worse -- now it's "weapons of mass destruction-related program activities."

I've spent the last half hour trying to figure this statement out. There's a reason he didn't just say WMD programs. What is it?

Interpretation #1: They found WMD related activities in non-WMD related programs.

Interpretation #2: They found activities occurring in WMD related programs, but no WMD related activities in the programs. In other words, they did find WMD programs, but they weren't doing WMD activities any more.

I think #2 makes the most sense. Yes, there were programs, but no one was working on them.

Any other interpretations?

UPDATE: I'm not the only one confused. Here's Eric Alterman:

Not only did this contradict literally hundreds of statements by top administration officials who clamed to have clear, positive proof of actual weapons—Cheney even spoke of “reconstituted nuclear weapons”—it is also rather difficult to figure out what in blazes it is supposed to mean. As a reader suggested to me in an e-mail, “If the bill collector calls, I will inform him that I have a checkbook which is evidence of ‘possible intent to develop bill-paying programs.’ That should satisfy him.”

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"weapons of mass destruction-related program activities" (01.22.2004)

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Kellen Wilson:

Great blog. Incredible documentary!
I'm having yet another viewing at my house tomorrow night for about 50. If they weren't angry before, they will be after seeing this doc. You're always welcome in Houston if you're ever passing through.

Wed Feb 4 2004 9:54 AM

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