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What Dean should have said in his "concession" speech

January 21, 2004 6:48 PM

Chris Suellentrop on youth turnout in Iowa:

George Davey, the precinct captain for the Dean campaign, said he was hoping for 25 to 50 Dean voters between the ages of 18 and 25, but only one showed up. "I think if we could blame [Dean's loss] on anyone, blame it on the 18- to 25-year-olds, because they were nonexistent," he said.

Fucking pathetic people. This just reinforces every stereotype about young people and politics. You think the politicians are going to pay any attention to us if you can't at least show up when you say you're gonna show up!?

It's really simple! If you don't have money, no one gives a shit about you. But if you don't even vote, then they shit all over you.

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What Dean should have said in his "concession" speech (01.21.2004)

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Yeaaaarrrrggggg!!! :)

The Dean blog has registration. It's a whole new troll-free world over there. I'm going to call the L.A. Times tomorrow and complain about two articles where they quoted "Dean supporters" from the blog. That just isn't right. There were a whole bunch anti-Dean people posting to the blog, just trying to make hay. It's impossible to say who wrote those quotes which the L.A. Times published. (The quotes talked about Dean looking scary, and they claimed to be Dean supporters.)

Wed Jan 21 2004 11:53 PM


Jim, you are a typical misguided youth. You poor fuck. The people you have quoted on the side of your webpage are all brainless idiots. I am surprised you do not have mike moore on there too.
Moby and Al Franken? Get a clue. You are a confused child. Grow up and think for yourself...

Thu Jan 22 2004 7:31 AM


Correction: Dean did and does look scary. He is a big baby. He cant take thge heat then he should get the fuck out of the kitchen...He was screaming like an animal. what an asshole.

Thu Jan 22 2004 7:40 AM


Look at truth.dont listen to Jims bullshit.

Thu Jan 22 2004 7:41 AM


After all the hoopla about Howard Dean's new mass movement of "Deaniacs," it appears that blanketing Iowa with self-righteous 20-year-olds in orange wool caps may not have been the ideal campaign strategy. Dean's distant third-place finish makes you want to ask him the question Jack Nicholson put to his down-and-out gay neighbor in "As Good As It Gets": "What happened to your queer party-friends?"

At the behest of the Democratic Party establishment, the media dutifully destroyed Howard Dean, the legitimate leader of the opposition. Democratic voters are so obedient to the media, they followed their media puppet masters and instantly switched from Dean to John Kerry.

But Dean still has the money and foot soldiers and endorsements to stay in the fight for the foreseeable future. And being from Vermont, Dean should do well in New Hampshire. I went to a public school, but if I remember my high-school geography correctly, New Hampshire and Vermont are the same state.

Until Kerry won Iowa, Wesley Clark was viewed as the pre-eminent electable Democrat principally because he's a Republican. Howard Dean has already said he believes Clark is a fine fellow but truly a Republican. In response, Gen. Clark immediately put on a third sweater.

Sadly, it may turn out that Clark's whole raison d'etre is now gone. Never was so much money, media, chicanery, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, conniving and Cabala deployed to promote a quote-unquote "electable" Democrat.

Clark was supposed to be the phony American to stop Dean, but Kerry is the even better phony American! And he's already stopped Dean in Iowa!
Kerry and Clark now represent the two major wings of the Democratic Party – the Kennedy wing and the Clinton wing. One drowns you after the extramarital affair; the other one calls you a stalker.

In the end, the caucus-goers chose a decorated war hero who voted in favor of the very war that 75 percent of them oppose. So much for the anti-war fever sweeping the country. The Democrats aren't even man enough to run a genuine coward for president.

Before Monday's results, both national and state political leaders privately predicted that 2004 would be the last year that this state kicked off the Democratic presidential selection process. That death sentence would have been confirmed if the quirky caucus process had sustained the Dean phenomenon. Instead, Iowa now looks like as good a place as any to begin presidential campaign.

Thu Jan 22 2004 12:22 PM

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