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Censure Bush Walk-In

February 19, 2004 3:18 PM

Today, I participated in MoveOn's Censure Bush walk-in where 4,000 people delivered over 500,000 signatures to 100 Senate offices in 50 states.

When I got there, security stopped me and when I told him I was going to Senator Feinstein's office, he told me there was no one there. I smiled and asked if he was sure; he said the entire floor had been blocked off. I told him I'd go see for myself. He didn't try to stop me. The elevator wouldn't go to the 9th floor, but I was eventually able to get there. When I got to the office, the receptionist was being inundated with phone calls. She was very adeptly handling the phones, and keeping track of people's zip codes. I waited about five minutes, slid my papers through the slit in the window (this place was more fortified than a gas station in South Central), left a copy of Uncovered, and left.

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Censure Bush Walk-In (02.19.2004)

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Fri Feb 20 2004 12:12 AM


You poor, poor, poor people. You do realize that your efforts are just in vain? Bush is coming up for re-election this year, and your still trying to throw him out of office?? PLEASE do something with your lives, even if you don't like Pres.Bush. (Which I can understand) Just chill out please, and instead of spending valuable time trying to throw Bush out, you could try and do it the legal way by...i don't know...campaigning for a Democrat like Kerry or Edwards? *sigh*
PS: it doesn't take a 15 year old girl like myself to realize that this is a futile effort!

Sun Feb 22 2004 5:18 PM

Jim Gilliam:

By asking for censure, we're not asking for the President to be removed from office. That can only happen if he is first impeached, then tried and convincted by Congress. Censure is basically a formal "you were a bad boy, George W." from Congress.

Mon Feb 23 2004 8:41 AM

isaac storey:

It does seem to take more than a 15 year old girl to understand what censure means apparently. There is reason to be upset with the current administration and accountability is the issue at hand. Misinformation is not abdication. If he were to fade away after losing the upcoming election, it would not be acceptable attention paid to the actions of his administration.

Thu Mar 18 2004 1:16 AM

isaac storey:

On another note, how is censure not doing "it the legal way"? It is part of what makes democracy so successful.

Thu Mar 18 2004 1:18 AM

Maneesh Pangasa:

Removing Bush is as easy as 1-2-3. I don't like Kerry that much either because he does seem like a flip flopper but he is at least better than Bush. I didn't vote in 2000 because I wasn't 18 yet (and at the time would have voted for Bush) and am now intending on voting against him. He has lied to the American people on too many occassions.

Thu Jul 22 2004 10:52 PM


I am confident that the people in this country will
vote bush out of office, but with these new diebold
touch screen computers i fear this election will be
taken from us again, remeber the ceo of diebold says

Sun Aug 22 2004 1:39 PM

Jim Gilliam
Jim Gilliam


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