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Dean is out...

February 18, 2004 9:50 AM

He will continue to push for change in the Democratic party:

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new initiative to continue the campaign you helped begin. Please continue to come to for updates and news as our new initiative develops. There is much work still to be done, and today is not an end—it is just the beginning.

I will be voting for John Edwards on March 2nd, because he is the most electable candidate left. Will Saletan points out that Kerry has been winning among Democrats, and Edwards has been winning among Republicans.

This month, Edwards has beaten Kerry among Republicans in all six states in which Republican votes were measured.

Hopefully, we can stop this collective Democratic delusion that Kerry is the most electable.

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I agree, Edwards is by far the best canidate for president at this time. Kerry just turns my stomach.

Wed Feb 18 2004 11:36 AM

Carl with a K:

I've put my blog back up with a complete redesign. Check it out for my comments on today's events.

Carl with a K

Wed Feb 18 2004 1:51 PM


Independents and Republicans who voted in the Democratic primary may be voting for Edwards now, but they will probably be voting for the Scrub by the busload in the fall. Edwards lacks foreign policy experience, looks to be too young, is a trial lawyer, and has a message that doesn't hold up under any kind of careful analysis.

Kerry has the backing of powerful special interests and the power structure of the DNC, including their mouthpieces in the Media who did such a great hatchet job on Dean.

I don't know what to do. I'm 80% sure that the DNC will nominate Kerry and 20% sure that Kerry will screw it up so that Edwards gets the nod. Both are terrible choices and will get killed in a general election.

Thu Feb 19 2004 10:56 AM


Hey Carl with a K,

What was that, a drive-by? How about some comments here, instead of sending us there?

I admit I'm tempted to vote for Edwards with Jim, but I'm planning to vote for Dean. A vote for Dean is a reminder to Kerry to continue with the program, so his body doesn't reject the spine transplant we gave him.

Speaking of voting, there was an excellent program on "Air Talk with Larry Mantle", on KPCC 89.3, today about the Diebold voting machines. Highly recommended. The discussion goes into some detail regarding the Diebold security problems, and the current state of litigation vs. computerized voting in California. (I'd summarize, but I wasn't able to listen for very long.) You will be able to listen to it here.

Airtalk is an outstanding local radio interview show, and Larry Mantle is a local treasure. I encourage everyone who lives in the L.A. or O.C. area to tune in and check out the show at 10 AM. Particularly, if you are a film buff, tune in on Fridays for "Film Week". It's a great run-down of all the latest movies.

Which reminds me - I need to renew my KPCC membership...

Thu Feb 19 2004 11:23 AM


One thing that sucks for Edwards is the lack of "bounce" he got from Iowa. All the media covered afterwards was Kerry's win and Dean's buffoonery. Lost in the shuffle where the actions of a valid candidate. After Wisconsin Edwards finally got a little press - but the media has already decided its Bush vs Kerry.

Tue Feb 24 2004 8:07 AM

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