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Luarence Silberman: "an extreme partisan"

February 10, 2004 11:27 AM

Michelle Goldberg dissects Laurence Silberman, the judge Bush and Cheney appointed to co-head their investigation of their intelligence community:

Judge Laurence Silberman, George Bush's nominee to co-chair the commission investigating U.S. intelligence on Iraq, knows quite a bit about the murky intersection between facts and ideology. The senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington has been near the febrile center of the largest political scandals of the past two decades, from the rumored "October surprise" of 1980 and the Iran-contra trials to the character assassination of Anita Hill and the impeachment of President Clinton. Whenever right-wing conspiracies swing into action, Silberman is there.

A veteran of the Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan administrations who is close to Vice President Dick Cheney, Silberman has a reputation as a fierce ideologue who doesn't let his judicial responsibilities get in the way of his Republican activism. David Brock, the repentant former right-wing journalist and Silberman protégé, describes his former mentor as "an extreme partisan" who seems to relish "the political wars." Kevin Phillips, the former Nixon staffer who authored the recent "The Bush Dynasty," said on NPR on Monday, "In the past, Silberman has been more involved with coverups in the Middle East than with any attempts to unravel them." Ralph Neas, president of the liberal advocacy group People for the American Way, calls him "the most partisan and most political federal judge in the country" and says his appointment is "stunning and disgraceful."

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Luarence Silberman: "an extreme partisan" (02.10.2004)

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My father is best friends with Mr. Silberman's son, and knows Judge Silberman himself personally. I feel that your analysis of his political views is biased and grossly inaccurate.

Wed Mar 10 2004 11:58 AM

Jim Gilliam:

That's not my analysis, it's Michelle Goldberg's.

Wed Mar 10 2004 12:04 PM

Jim Gilliam
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