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Schwarzenegger hopes to finish budget early

February 10, 2004 8:39 AM

What a great idea! Schwarzenegger is going to submit his revised budget a month early in the hopes of getting it passed in the legislature by the end of May. California is notorious for its late budgets, having missed the deadline in 11 of the last 17 years.

Not only is this a smart move to show our creditors that we mean business, it's a brilliant political move aimed at thwarting Proposition 56, which would reduce the 2/3rd majority needed to pass a budget to 55%. This is a union-backed measure designed to cut Republicans out of the loop in budget negotiations, and will be on the ballot in California's March 2nd Democratic primary.

If Schwarzenegger is the one-man partisan gridlock buster, why change the rules?

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Schwarzenegger hopes to finish budget early (02.10.2004)

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