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Tenet will defend his intelligence

February 4, 2004 11:59 PM

Today is going to be very interesting -- Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet will break a long silence and defend his intelligence community's assessment of Iraq's WMD capability in a 9:30am speech at Georgetown. He will "correct some of the misperceptions and downright inaccuracies concerning what the intelligence community reported and didn't report regarding Iraq."

Is this the beginning of the end of the Bush/Tenet alliance?

UPDATE: He just finished the speech. "In the intelligence business you're never completely wrong or completely right. ... We never said there was an imminent threat. ... No one told us what to say or how to say it."

When asked about the Office of Special Plans, he neither confirmed nor denied its existence.

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Tenet will defend his intelligence (02.04.2004)

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Matthew Maly:

Here is how Bush “cares” about weapons of mass destruction:

Four and a half years ago, I alerted the US Department of Defense about $20M grossly mismanaged and/or stolen from Defense Enterprise Fund (DEF), a US government financed venture capital fund that was supposed to convert former Russian producers of weapons of mass destruction (anthrax, nuclear, etc).

A Department of Defense Audit proved the theft, but the guilty American managers were not even reprimanded. On December 31, 2003, DEF was closed, its entire $67M grant lost.

According to the Audit, fully half of the grant was spent on things like Concorde flights and golf memberships, and NOT on making sure that former Russian producers of weapons of mass destruction are peacefully employed and have no need to contact Al Queda just to put food on the table.

a more complete description is here:

Thu Feb 5 2004 11:20 AM


If I recall correctly 4.5 years ago = Bill Clinton?

Thu Feb 5 2004 11:26 AM

Matthew Maly:

This is right: DEF lost all its money under the Clinton Administration. I complained about DEF in July 1999, under the Clinton Administration. Then there were two phony audits done under the Bush Administration. Defense Threat Reduction Agency reported, and continues to post today, outrageously misleading DEF's operational results, and that happened under the Bush Administration. I have been blacklisted and lost everything I had, under the Bush Administration. IRS froze my accounts for seven months "because 68 is greater than 72" (Price Waterhouse, my tax preparer, could not argue with that), and that happened under the Bush Administration. Conclusion: Bush Administration covers up for WMD conversion thieves and has done everything short of assassinating me in revenge for my letter of concern proved by the Department of Defense Audit of DEF dated 12/31/2001

Matthew Maly

Tue Mar 2 2004 2:39 AM

Jim Gilliam
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