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Europeans want a check on American global dominance

March 16, 2004 9:09 AM

Today's New York Times:

In that sense, Mr. Zapatero [Spain's new prime minister], despite his leftist leanings, will be moving closer to the foreign policy vision of the center-right government of France, where President Jacques Chirac has repeatedly called for the creation of a "multipolar" world in which Europe would become a counterweight to the United States and other centers of power.

Many Europeans view the war on Iraq as the latest in a series of unilateral American actions taken in defiance of European interests or wishes, including American decisions not to join treaties on the environment and the International Criminal Court. They see a more united Europe as a possible check to what is widely viewed in Europe as an American attempt to establish unchallenged global dominance.

It's pretty messed up when you have to root for other countries to get more powerful so you can keep your own country from doing stupid things.

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Europeans want a check on American global dominance (03.16.2004)

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That 50 Billion $ UN payoff France got (and wants to keep) goes a long way in explaining France's opposition to the war. Europe wants to be a "counter balance" to the US they need to get off their collective arses. If so it will become PAINFULLY clear to France how little power it can actually project beyond the borders of the EU.

Tue Mar 16 2004 1:11 PM

Jim Gilliam:

I think that's exactly what is starting to happen. Europe is getting off their collective arses. And China, and North Korea, and Iran, and ...

Tue Mar 16 2004 1:29 PM


Actually I think France is going backwards in terms of projecting its self as a world power. A few vague threats and they are already backing off their "head covering" law (which was pretty stupid to pass in the first place). Now their letting external forces influence internal policy - hadly the actions of a nation aspiring to be recognized as a world player.

Wed Mar 17 2004 2:05 PM

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