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"cleansing" Iraq of "poison"

April 13, 2004 5:39 PM

Coalition spokesman Dan Senor at yesterday's press briefing:

It is critical that we confront those organizations and those elements that want to use mob violence and intimidation against the Iraqi people. It's critical that we confront them now rather than after June 30th. It is critical that we cleanse the Iraqi body politic of the poison that remains here after 35 years of Saddam Hussein's totalitarian rule.

Billmon notes that by adopting the language of fascism, this is edging ever closer to genocide.

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"cleansing" Iraq of "poison" (04.13.2004)

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Yeah, it'll will be just like Germany after WW2. After the Nazi's exterminated 12 million civilians the rat bastard allies wouldn't let them run the country any either. Kind of makes you wonder coalitions's priorities are when they are more worried about past crimes against humanity instead of a man's qualifications.

Mon Apr 19 2004 11:26 AM

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