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"no respect for humanity"

April 2, 2004 2:40 PM

William Cottrell, one of the "accused terrorists" allegedly behind last year's vandalization of four SUV dealerships: "Anyone who drives a Hummer has no respect for humanity."

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"no respect for humanity" (04.02.2004)

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Hummers are an obscenity. GM knows it.
These vehicles have the lowest customer satisfaction and with no warranty, I wonder why.
Not to mention....

They are exempt from emissions testing.
They are a tax benefit because they are considered transport vehicles, not everyday use that everyone else drives.
They get 8 miles or less to the gallon.
Everyone I've seen driving them are total snobbish dirtbags. There are more of those things around where I live here in Hollywood, which is not too far from the Azusa dealership that got torched and painted over by this fellow.

It would be notable to mention that following the Hummer in the same class of uselessness in 2nd and 3rd are the Lexus LS470, and Cadillac Escalade. Not as bad, but just as useless.

For more info check out this informative site,

Sat Apr 3 2004 1:09 AM


Of course, the most hilarious thing about Hummers, is that I have never seen one which wasn't absolutely spotless (and I've seen quite a few). They're supposedly designed to be off-road monsters, but they're invariably purchased as status symbols and seem to serve the same purpose that a Rolls used to - to inspire awe and admiration.

Not having ever driven or so much as sat in a Hummer, I can't say whether they are worth all the money. Obviously, the gas mileage is not a concern, if you can afford such a car in the first place.

Sun Apr 4 2004 11:12 PM

Paul Stone:

That last post was me.

Sun Apr 4 2004 11:13 PM

Paul Stone:

I went to the Hummer website mentioned in the earlier comment. I didn't realize H2's were so cheap. Only $55,000, and you can write it all off on your taxes. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Sun Apr 4 2004 11:31 PM

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