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Powell silent in lead-up to Iraq war

April 19, 2004 1:03 PM

So many have given Powell a pass on his complicity in the Iraq war, and it infuriates me. "He was just being a good soldier, supporting his boss" is the common argument. As if that's some kind of loyalty. Fuck that.

Proof of Powell's selling out of America is in today's NYT article on Bob Woodward's new book:

Mr. Woodward observes that Secretary of State Colin Powell warned the president in January 2003 that military action against Iraq would leave the United States responsible for rebuilding the country and dealing with whatever global fallout the invasion might cause, but adds that the president never asked his top diplomat for advice, and that Mr. Powell never volunteered any. "Perhaps the president feared the answer," Mr. Woodward writes. "Perhaps Powell feared giving it. It would, after all, have been an opportunity to say he disagreed. But they had not gotten to that core question, and Powell would not push."

Not only did Powell have nothing to say when his country needed him most, but he went to the UN and gave "a masterful performance." But "none of it was true."

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Powell silent in lead-up to Iraq war (04.19.2004)

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