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Michael Moore got three camera crews into Iraq

May 17, 2004 3:46 PM

From the BBC:

Moore has also revealed that he had three undercover film crews embedded with US troops in Iraq.

"I was able to sneak three different freelance crews into Iraq," he said on Saturday.

The soldiers had "expressed disillusionment that they had been lied to", said Moore.

The film from Iraq was a "very important" part of the documentary, he added.

"It is certainly something the Bush administration does not want people to see," said Moore.

Michael Moore:

"You saw this morning the first footage of abuse and humiliation of these Iraqi detainees."

And more from the BBC:

Moore's film, which received its world premiere in Cannes, France, on Monday, shows what appear to be US soldiers putting hoods on Iraqi prisoners.

Ever the promoter, Moore delivers the threat:

The American people do not like things being kept from them, and I think what this film is going to do is to peel back the layers so the people can see what is really going on.

They are going to be shocked and they are going to be in awe - and they are going to respond accordingly.

Ooooh boy... It's gonna be fun when this flick hits stateside!

UPDATE: Check out this crap reporting from the BBC's review of the flick:

The first conspiratorial link comes when he identifies the Fox News Channel employee who took the decision to report that Bush had won Florida on election night - when all other channels were reporting an Al Gore win - as Bush's first cousin. If true, it is an interesting piece of trivia - but hardly proof of a family plot to steal the presidency

"If true?" HUH? It's WELL-DOCUMENTED you idiots. Don't they have fact checkers at the BBC?

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Michael Moore got three camera crews into Iraq (05.17.2004)

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The terrorist group Hezbollah has reached out to distributors of Michael Moore’s anti-military propaganda flick, “Fahrenheit 9/11” with an offer to help promote the film. The report of Hezbollah’s involvement came in Thursday’s London newspaper, The Guardian, with the headline, “Fahrenheit 9/11 gets help offer from Hezbollah.” I guess that will get him another Oscar.

Fri Jun 18 2004 6:06 AM

Rus Steel:

Yup. That's some BBC crap reporting alright -- of course, you can't expect much from the entertainment section, eh?

It really went down, something more along the lines of:

1. All major media networks call Florida for Gore, roughly one half hour before polls actually close in the UTC-6 zone of the state (a.k.a. -- the Largely-Conservative Panhandle.)

2. Major media networks retract call for Gore roughly 10 minutes before polls close in Florida's Panhandle, due to some rather poignant observations from the Bush camp as to the nature of journalistic ethics.

The Globe got a nice quote from FOX on this particular topic:

"Fox News chairman Roger Ailes warned staffers to keep exit poll results to themselves and reiterated Fox's policy not to 'broadcast, publish or disseminate outcome projections' based on exit poll data before poll closings."

3. Polls close. Everywhere in U.S.

4. FOX calls Florida for Bush after analysis of independent exit polling (At what? 2 a.m.?)

5. All major networks (except AP) follow suit, calling Florida for Bush based on independent exit polling.

6. All major networks (except AP) retract the call for Bush based on comparison of independent polling data with that of the VNS (Voter News Service).

But, that's all soooo four years ago.

The really great question is this: If Mr. Moore had access to all the gory details of the Iraqi prisoner abuses when he was producing his documentary (what? 6 - 10 months ago?), then why didn't he come forward with the details BEFORE his great big fantastic movie premier?

Not that I'd suggest it should have anything to do with his worship of the almighty, box-office-exclusive dollar -- just thought it'd have been nice to know, say, 6 - 10 months ago.

Mon Jun 21 2004 5:14 PM


"Let our object be, our country, our whole country, and nothing but our country."
This America is NOT your country--try the back door of another.

Thu Jun 24 2004 6:41 AM


"Let our object be, our country, our whole country, and nothing but our country"
Get lost, coward

Thu Jun 24 2004 6:44 AM

Kevin Huxford:

What's with the quote:
"Let our object be, our country, our whole country, and nothing but our country"

First off...the sentence structure is off. :-p

Secondly, it sure seems to be implying that someone involved in this discussion doesn't value their country.

Love Moore or hate Moore...but his passion is about his country. You may find his passion misguided and misplaced...but his intentions are to make it better.

This country has many more low and middle class citizens than rich ones. He attacks corporate and priveleged America in the name of defending the low and middle class people.

And those who rail against what he's doing with FAHRENHEIT 9/ them ore hate them...are likely passionate about it because they love their country. Their intentions are good.

God bless America.

Tue Jun 29 2004 9:32 PM


God bless America.

Didn't god say something like "thou shall not kill"

Didn't Rice from the Bush Administration say, "this was a war of choice"

Bush chooses to kill, he's no better than Saddam.

Moore is a hero for showing the USA something the rest of the world already knows. Bush is a criminal.

If Moore exaggerated, or over emphasied some points, so what. If he had film of abuse (outside of prison) before you knew about it... big deal (compared to a president who went to war for money, that's no different to Hilter).

If you love your country, then you will love the truth, liberty and persuit of happiness, which you will not find with Bush and his creation of world war 3.

Thu Jul 8 2004 2:06 AM



Bush did the world a favor by getting rid of a two bit dictator like Saddam, I'm just waiting for him to go all the way and do the same in Iran, take care of the FARC in Columbia and my mothers country of origin Cuba(Fidel I hope there's a cell waiting for you next to Saddam)

When the wall fell in 89 someone said “we’ve slayed the dragon, now we need to deal with all the little monsters that are left”

It’s a job the for the UN but they’re too busy skimming money from the food for oil program that was supposed to help Iraq but all you people on the “other” side conveniently forget that little tidbit.

Sat Jul 10 2004 4:53 PM

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