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The Legacy of George W. Bush

May 9, 2004 11:21 AM

Fareed Zakaria in The Price of Arrogance:

Whether he wins or loses in November, George W. Bush's legacy is now clear: the creation of a poisonous atmosphere of anti-Americanism around the globe. I'm sure he takes full responsibility.

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The Legacy of George W. Bush (05.09.2004)

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Marina Reffai:

At Auschweitz the Jews were killed and poisoned by gas. In Iraq, they are stripped naked, raped, bitten by dogs and beaten to death. Give me the Germans over the Americans any day. Heil Bushler.

Mon May 10 2004 3:32 AM


"creation of a poisonous atmosphere of anti-Americanism around the globe"

Under Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon the United States was called a warmonger, and treated as a pariah in international cicles throughout the globe. Under Carter our embasseys where seized and our statesmen imprisoned by terrorist - and our "allies" laughed at our problems. Under Clinton our dead servicemen where dragged naked through the streets as he announced a general retreat. Our embasseys where blown up and war ships attacked - and you think this is a "recent" pphenomenon? Where you been the last 40 years?

Mon May 10 2004 11:32 AM

Paul Stone:

There's a difference between 20% of the world hating us and 90% of the world hating us. Bush has helped us to see that difference. Thanks, Bush!

Oh well, at least Israel still loves us, although they probably think we are idiots too.

I want to know when this Iraq war is going to start paying off. We've sunk a lot of taxpayer dollars into this project for a safer world, but I recently read that security experts think that Osama may be close to obtaining a dirty bomb.

Being safer sure is dangerous!

Mon May 10 2004 2:31 PM


Yeah, the world loved us in the 90s, terror attacks both at home and abroad increased in savagery until finally 9-11. Since then there has not been a single attack on a target outside of Iraq (war zone go figure).

If they hate us so much - why has everyone backed off?

Tue May 11 2004 6:08 AM

Paul Stone:

Terror attacks by a small group are not a good way of determining worldwide opinion. Try researching opinion polls in foreign countries to see how they think of us.

I don't believe that we can say the terrorists have "backed off" simply because they haven't mounted a successful attack in two and a half years. Since it takes years to plan a large-scale terrorist attack, we won't know for many years whether or not the terrorists have "backed off".

Tue May 11 2004 1:27 PM


Only takes the PLO about 6 hours to pull off SUCCESSFUL attacks in Israel.

Wed May 12 2004 3:31 PM


there has been, i believe, serveral attacks since 9/11. four refinery explosions in one week. they sure where hushed up fast. and how about israel. steal my home land and see what happens. if you've lived there for 1200+ years, it your home land. apartheid is alive and well and living in israel.

Sat May 15 2004 6:37 PM

D B V:

george dubya followers are living in denial. Lets not follow him all the way to hell, lets just leave him now AT THE GATES OF HELL. he'll find his own way from here.

Mon May 17 2004 8:49 PM


Who cares about Popularity? It's not about keeping our well-being, it's about doing what is right for the well-being of others.

Wed May 19 2004 11:41 PM


how is bush helping our well being by wiping his ass with our constitution. and its saposed to be about popularity. the population. you know, we the people. the new conservatives would make perfect nazis.

Thu May 20 2004 9:14 AM

Army of one:

This website appears to be anti American... If you don't like living here, go live in Iraq.

Sat Jun 19 2004 7:45 PM

army of many:

so if you don't follow bush and the party line, your anti-american. one party, one veiw is communisim. mabey you should go to the old soveit republic and live. mabey while your there, ready a history book or two. and i love living here, its ignorent nazi like you that make it bad. ANYBODY BUT BUSH 2004!

Fri Jun 25 2004 5:52 PM

Reasons to vote for someone other than Bush.:

While they are not the first to politicize science, the Bush administration has distorted scientific data in an effort to shape environmental, health, bio-medical research policy to such an extreme that an independent group of scientists (including 20 Nobel laureates) have issued a statement and report on the subject.

Bush abandoned the Kyoto Treaty. Maybe it's because the treaty is designed to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and that doesn't jive real well with his friends and interests in the oil industry. His alternative plan was to let businesses voluntarily reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. When was the last time a business did something voluntarily that also cost them money to do?

Bush apparently doesn't care that millions around the world protested his War on Iraq and nations we thought were our allies now hate and resent us.


Tue Jul 6 2004 8:34 PM

People who against George Bush:

We can really see that George W. Bush hardly understands his own actions. He just does everything his friends ask for. And friends do not sleep they squeeze out all money from the budget into their packets. The decisions he makes do not help our country but do harm it. Hey Mr.Cowbow please, go back your home (Texas).

Sun Jul 18 2004 12:04 PM


First of all, let me say that I LOVE MY country and proved it by giving 8 years of my life serving her as a U.S. Marine. I cannot sit back and observe this any longer. President Bush has done nothing more than ruin all that "was" good in this country. I do not have the space here (it would take volumns)to justify what I have said. The facts are out there just look at his track record. To sum it up, I am a Christian who has a wonderful relationship with my Lord and the cloak of Bush's Christianity has not fooled me in the least. My skin crawls when he smirks as LIARS often do. I am not a radical nor am I either Republican or Democrat, I'm just a man who has stepped back and can see this president for what he's a shame that so much of America was fooled back in November and now the gloves are off. I can ask you this and eagerly wait for a decent and good answer. What has George W. Bush done for this country. Without September 11th, what exactly defines him? Be real and I'll check back for your answers. Please posses the intellect in response as to not waste my time, I've seen enough of that lately.

Impeach George W. Bush before it's too late.

Thu Jan 6 2005 10:32 AM

Mike of the Great White North:


I'm glad to actually hear sanity coming from a member of the armed services. No doubt many here call me left leaning. I've had pitched battles with another member of the service NJGuardsman over the course your president has taken your counrty. And it's funny because im actually on the right of the spectrum. All you have to do is read some of the past popular threads to see that.

Understand you will be attacked and assaulted for your presentation of W 43. You will be called a traitor and treasonous and aiding the terrorists. I feel for you because they will follow W's steps and unleash their wrath upon you. I will even diagnose these actions as 'Scott Ritter' syndrome. I do wish you all the best!

Thu Jan 6 2005 3:57 PM

poopie head:

i love the united states and bush i am a pround american citizen

Thu Jan 11 2007 9:22 PM

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