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Bush: "I approved this news cast"

July 19, 2004 2:34 PM

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Bush: "I approved this news cast" (07.19.2004)

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E. Joe Puddy:

Fox News?

Sure, the "official news" as follows:

(1) George Bush is a "compassionate conservative" (desribed as a vegetarian shark).

(2) George Bush has been "chosen by God" (Wall St)

(3) George Bush is"pro-life" (except for Iraqi children and infants).

(4) George Bush does not make mistakes. (He has never been able to remember one; but does that speak to his perfection or idiocy?

(5) If you support equity for Palestine as well as the Isreali's, you are a "terrorist" and "anti-SSemite".

(6) "Liberal" is the closet word for "enemy of the people". The term "liberal" was also used in a derisive factor by another guy who didn't make mistakes; Adolph Hitler.

(7) "we distort and decieve" would be a better slogan.

(8) "if you were Osama bin Laden who would you vote for?" Again, all Democrats and librerals are also terrorists. However I ask "If you are a crook, who will you vote for?"

Mon Jul 26 2004 6:27 AM


Very awesome!!!

We are gettin what we ask for.
In school, if you don't do the research, how do expect to achieve the grade? Why is it that we are always givin a choice between "This" evil or "That" evil? If American's as a whole, were not so self absorbed, we would'nt look so much like those characters in that Dr. Seuss book "The Star Bellied Sneeches".

Sun Aug 22 2004 4:29 PM

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