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DC Media Girl

July 10, 2004 10:14 AM

One of the ex-Foxies in the film has a blog: DC Media Girl. You can see a clip of her interview (QT, WM).

For the past few days, I’ve been taking a break from blogging duties to devote my time to doing interviews to promote the upcoming documentary OUTFOXED, in which I appear. I’ve already talked to the WASHINGTON POST, L.A. TIMES and VARIETY -- articles which I’ll link to, of course. [...] Undaunted by Fox News Channel’s threats, the magnificent Keith Olbermann interviewed the film’s director Robert Greenwald last night. Clearly Mr. O is sympathetic to the film’s premise, which is that FNC is the P.R. tool of the right wing (duh).

One thing I learned very quickly working on this documentary is that it's a helluva lot easier getting ex-CIA employees to talk about the intelligence that led America to an unnecessary war than it is to get ex-FNC employees to talk about life at FOX News.

A few brave souls did talk though, and their courage will be a tidal wave through the business of cable news.

More from the archive in Outfoxed.

DC Media Girl (07.10.2004)

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