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Hey America, look how boring we are!

July 29, 2004 2:52 PM

Why is the Kerry strategy to not make any news at the convention? The biggest thing that's happened was the Moore/O'Reilly "debate," and that's really sad. I'm getting all these email action alerts from leftie media watchdog groups complaining about the lack of coverage. The latest one is from Media for Democracy:

The Big Three networks have decided that our democracy is bad for their business, which is why this week viewers were treated to worm munching (NBC's Fear Factor), puking (CBS's Big Brother 5) and liposuction (ABC's Extreme Makeover) instead of primetime convention coverage from Boston’s Fleet Center.

Frankly, that schlock is more interesting than the convention! If you want to be in the news folks, make some fucking news! Instead all the dems are running around trying extra super hard to not say anything.

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Hey America, look how boring we are! (07.29.2004)

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Two biggest stories in at the DNC:

Al Sharpton's speech didn't follow the carefully scripted program. Not that he said anything exciting - except the "ride the donkey" line.

The press's complaints about the portapotties. I can only imagine how bad that got.

The rest of the event was as scripted as a WWE match. My five year old's analysis says it all "Ain't they done yet?" Even the anarchist got bored and went home. Not that I expect the Republicans to put on anything better (maybe a few less curses at the end). At least there you might see a few angry protestors get beaten by riot police (we can only hope).

Instead maybe the networks could broadcast something more exciting like professional grass growing or link into the golf channel. At least my lawn was mowed and all three cars got waxed this week.

Fri Jul 30 2004 9:55 AM

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