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Keith, Drudge and 30,000 feet

July 10, 2004 12:56 AM

Just arrived in NYC. The Outfoxed premiere is on Tuesday, and the big press conference is on Monday.

So I was on Jetblue with the fancy satellite tv in the headrest, and Keith Olberman was doing a story about Murdoch being the reason the NY Post had the bogus Gephardt veep pick cover. I grabbed the headphones and a few seconds later Robert came on! I just about jumped out of my seat.

Little did I know that the reason Keith had Robert on was because of this headline on Drudge: CABLE WAR: FOX NEWS VOWS TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST RIVALS WHO TOUT DOCUMENTARY. So Fox is gonna play dirty. Didn't phase Keith. Respect.

Cablenewser sums Drudge up nicely in Outfoxed: It's Going To Be An Ugly July:

FOX News is preparing a counter-attack to Outfoxed, Matt Drudge heralds (**exclusive** "developing") this evening. The network is "lining up a parade of employees who formerly worked at CNN & MSNBC and have been downloading information on how editorial decisions are made at these networks, including the agenda for how stories are supposed to be covered," he writes. This all leads to a number of questions:

1: Will CNN and MSNBC report about "Outfoxed?"
2: If they don't, is that because of FOX's threat?
3: When, if ever, will FOX release these materials?
4: Will O'Reilly take "Outfoxed" into the "no spin zone?"

Get ready for the airing of an awful lot of dirty laundry in the cable news world.

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Keith, Drudge and 30,000 feet (07.10.2004)

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Sissy Willis:

Hi, Jim . . . Since you don't have a trackback feature, I'm taking the liberty of sending you a link to my post re your post. Congrats on your success. It's awesome. But still, I worry:

"Fair and balanced" for me, but not for thee?

Sat Jul 10 2004 12:54 PM

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