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"Outfoxed" is public!

July 1, 2004 6:36 AM


Exactly six months after starting the follow-up to Uncovered, I can finally talk about it... well at least a little bit. It's about FOX News.

Word is spreading fast... Atrios and Cablenewser picked it up last night:

Well, the month of July only started five minutes ago, but here's a prediction: You'll be hearing about the documentary Outfoxed on this blog quite a bit in the next thirty-one days.

Right now there are 2,170 house parties planned to screen the movie on July 18th. You can sign-up to host your own party.

And even the attack squads are forming.

Just wait 'til they SEE it!

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"Outfoxed" is public! (07.01.2004)

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Yeah! Glad to hear that it is finally out. Congratulations to all involved. Maybe this film, like uncovered, will help get Bush out of the White House.

Sat Jul 3 2004 9:11 AM

Christopher H Lee:

As my wife said as the credits rolled up: "This is scarier than Fahrenheit 911!"
Goebbels must be spinning in his grave. He was just a novice.

Just one question? Why can't the "Fair and Balanced" claim be challenged in court under Truth in Advertising law?

Mon Jul 19 2004 11:26 AM

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