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Roger Ailes lashes out at attacks

July 25, 2004 11:52 PM

Roger AIles on all the FNC footage in Outfoxed:

Any news organization that doesn't support our position on copyright is crazy. Next week, we could take a month's worth of video from CNN International and do a documentary "Why does CNN hate America?" You wouldn't even have to do the hatchet job Outfoxed was. You damn well could run it without editing. CNN International, Al-Jazeera and BBC are the same in how they report-mostly that America is wrong and bad.

Everybody should stand up and say these people don't have the right to take our product anymore. They don't have a right to take a year's worth of Dan Rather or Ted Koppel and edit it any way they want. It
puts journalism at risk.

Lessig calls it out: "Notice the strategy: Rally the cartel to protect itself against the critics."

And the NY Post echoes the "good journalism" meme:

By now, Americans are used to these tricks of the Left — shady tactics for which the film's sponsors, and George Soros, are notorious. But good people — good journalists — must stand up and deplore this trend. They should let Soros & Co. know that deception and outright theft transcend reasonable discourse.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly's just losing his marbles over the Jeremy Glick thing. Lessig lays it all out in an open letter (with supporting video no less!) called "Mr. O'Reilly, please just stop."

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Roger Ailes lashes out at attacks (07.25.2004)

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