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ChangeThis manifestos

August 17, 2004 11:25 AM

It's interesting how a manifesto -- a screed fundamentally designed to shake up the status quo -- can be packaged to feel so much like the status quo. It's not enough to hammer 95 Theses to a door anymore. It's figuring out how to seep into the consciousness of a generation so oversaturated with advertising, they're just tuning everything out.

Which brings us to the latest attempt: ChangeThis. Quoting from their own manifesto: "ChangeThis focuses on the rational and thoughtful arguments that help people change their minds to a more productive point of view."

I wish the manifestos weren't in PDF -- I couldn't select any text when it loaded in my browser. I had to download it and open it in Acrobat Professional. The ideas should be accessible, right?

Here are some of the initial manifestos:

Guy Kawasaki previews his upcoming book, "The Art of the Start". Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba repackage their book, "Creating Customer Evangelists", and Amnesty International weighs in with "Stop Child Executions!"

But my favorite is by Tyler Lackey: "Kill your Children: Facts about Coke".

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ChangeThis manifestos (08.17.2004)

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