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Forget Fahrenheit

August 24, 2004 10:00 AM

Uncovered: The War on Iraq hit east coast theaters this past Friday -- NYC, Boston & DC. I like this part from Noy Thrupkaew's review "Forget Fahrenheit" for the American Prospect:

While Michael Moore might have made a more entertaining and watchable piece of propaganda in Fahrenheit 9/11, he drew on some lazy reasoning, ladled on a soupcon of insinuation, yanked the heartstrings like Quasimodo rode those church-bell ropes. Greenwald, in contrast, doesn’t need offensive caricatures of our coalition-of-the-willing partners or any ice-cream-truck gimmicks. He goes for our heads, building an argument that has the power, eventually, of a punch in the gut. And when he cuts to images of Iraqi civilians and U.S. soldiers suffering, he doesn’t compromise their dignity or use them as mere rhetorical devices. It’s a devastating cause and effect, he says: We got into this war on a trumped-up argument, and here are the costs of the deception.

And check out this Deborah Norville transcript from last week. Joining Robert were Bob Baer and Ray McGovern (both in the movie), along with Cliff May (the president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, otherwise known as the Democracy Offensive) and Republican Congressman Ray LaHood.

LaHood was there for only one purpose: Robert's vote:

LAHOOD: Do you support John Kerry for president?

GREENWALD: Excuse me. Could I finish please?

LAHOOD: Do you support John Kerry for president?

NORVILLE: Hold on just a second. We'll get there.

GREEWALD: We're not on Fox News. Cut it out. Personally, I would like people to vote Democrat, that's not what the purpose of the film.

Charming, really. Uncovered adds theaters in Chicago, New Jersey, and all over California this Friday.

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Forget Fahrenheit (08.24.2004)

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