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How does Ali G get those interviews?

August 27, 2004 7:58 AM

The New York Post dishes on how Ali G landed an interview with "60 Minutes" icon Andy Rooney:

To land Rooney for the show, "Ali G" producers bypassed CBS News' usually cautious press department and contacted Rooney's assistant directly. Rooney was sent an official-looking letter from what he believed was a "youth-oriented, educational, British show" and was asked to participate in an interview about pop-culture, says a network source.

Last spring, about three "reputable"-looking staffers from "Ali G" turned up at Rooney's office to set up their equipment. Minutes before the interview began, Cohen, in the guise of Ali G, bounded into the office — but didn't say a word until the cameras began to roll.

Rooney "lost his temper and tossed Ali G from his office while the rapper (who is white) accused [Rooney] of being a racist." Wonder if that assistant is still around?

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How does Ali G get those interviews? (08.27.2004)

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I believe he accused them of being racialist

Fri Aug 27 2004 9:04 AM


To bad they didn't give the old bastard a heart attack.

Fri Aug 27 2004 10:59 AM


Not a big fan of Ali G, but this is one episode I would like to catch.

Fri Aug 27 2004 11:43 AM

Burt Abraham:

Anyone who doesn't "get" Ali G, is a fucking retard.

Mon May 23 2005 11:55 PM


Ali Gi is 100% right. Andy Rooney is a racist. He judged a person from his look and the way he spoke. He asked Ali G even before the show started: "Have you done this before?" and kept correcting his English. Andy Rooney did not care about what the message was behind the words and Ali G's behaviour. Don't you think the society has been doing this to people from the working class,from disavantaged groups and communities for too long already? Even if a person who does not have the same education, the same language and the same background, should have a right to express themselves. This was Ali G's point. He is a genius. No matter how grammatically correct Andy Rooney is, he does not get this message. He is much "lower" than Ali G in this sense. After all, Ali G asked about whether the media prepare for the events even before they happen. It is not a irrelevant question. The media indeed do this. That what happened in the past. The Amercian media had to appologize for calling the wrong winner even before the votes were counted correctly. The question only appeared to be "silly" to Andy Rooney when the question comes from Ali G. AR judged people according to their look rather than the essence of the conversation. He made a fool out of himself. It is good that he learnt a hard lesson on this. It is not too late.

Sat Feb 10 2007 3:39 PM


I disagree Wentiduo. Andy knew from very early on in the interview that this was a set up. Kudos to him; he thinks more highly of the human race to think that Ali G could possibly the real deal. What makes Ali G so succsesful is that too often people are too dumb (for lack of a better word) to realize that a character like him (or borat) would not actually exhist.

Sat Aug 18 2007 8:54 PM

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