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Let's play "Whack the Protesters"

August 26, 2004 10:01 AM

Lost Remote: "Dozens of officers will have wireless cameras embedded in their helmets outside the Republican National Convention in New York (the camera is barely visible in the front of the helmet). Homeland Security agents in a command center will keep an eye on the live video feeds to make better decisions on the fly."

Kinda like the Super Bowl, huh? Maybe it'll inspire a first-person Doom mod, "Whack the Protesters," er, I mean "Terrorists."

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Let's play "Whack the Protesters" (08.26.2004)

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I wonder if those camera's will be used in any cases of police misconduct.

Thu Aug 26 2004 12:27 PM


NYC should sell the live censored feed from those cameras to a news organization or cable outlet to help reimburse the cost of security. It's the ultimate reality TV. The RNC protests from the perspective of NYC cops.

Thu Aug 26 2004 12:30 PM


Don't they have a "REAL NYPD" reality series out now?

Thu Aug 26 2004 1:55 PM

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