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Lights, Camera.... Queue the bomb plot!

August 28, 2004 9:39 PM

Today, the FBI and NYPD arrested two young men (19 and 21) for a "bomb plot" who had been under surveillance by an informant for "at least a year." They were scouting out various locations throughout New York: three Staten Island bridges, a prison, a bridge and -- last weekend -- a subway station a few blocks away from the RNC.

They had no explosives and no ties to terrorist groups, but according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelley "their motive was generally hatred for America." He was quick to add that one of the kids made anti-Semitic statements, while stressing there was no relationship to the RNC.

So two kids with no means to carry out a terrorist attack, no ties to any terrorists, no desire to affect the RNC, and under the watchful eye of an informant for over a year, were arrested two days before the Republican Convention.

Surely, Karl Rove's script is better than this!

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Lights, Camera.... Queue the bomb plot! (08.28.2004)

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Awwww...that 21-year-old illegal Pakistani immigrant who says he is "ready for jihad" ...he's just a kid.

Curious as to why, with all the local reporting being done about this story, you use as your references a very short bit from an Albany, NY, TV station and a UK newspaper.
Nothing from the NY Post or Daily News or even the NY TImes.
Why is that? The NY Times, for example, has this,

"But in tape-recorded conversations with the informant this month, both men can be heard repeatedly discussing plans to plant bombs on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and in subway stations, according to the complaint, and Mr. Elshafay had drawn a map of the bridges and police precincts on Staten Island."

And LI Newsday offers this about the 21-year-old "kid":

"Moreover, the uncle said, Siraj would not do anything to hurt his family because the family is due in court Oct. 21 to fight a deportation proceeding."

And this explanation as to your inane "why now?" question:

"...But there was a concern that rather than let them proceed, because they had moved from talking about it to surveillance and drawings, the thing to do was arrest them."

But no, I'm sure it was KARL ROVE that made them do it.
You folks are really obsessed with Rove, aren't you?
Seems to me the reason why you use the early-edition AP story as well as a 4-paragraph blurb from a TV station that's 150 miles away is because these two present things in a simplistic way with very little details.

Mon Aug 30 2004 8:44 AM

Jim Gilliam:

Or maybe the reason I used those sources was because that's what was available at the time I posted this.

Mon Aug 30 2004 10:58 AM


uh-huh. Right.

Tue Aug 31 2004 5:33 AM


And why would the fact that the one of the young men arrested was from Pakistan, and seeking citizenship (legal status) in America -- and doing so through the courts, I might add.

However, right-wingers automatically attached guilt to an individual who is of a certain ethnic or national origin, especially if any of those origins points to the individual as being Muslim.

One of the frightening aspects, and I believe it to be a central feature, of the neo-con movement lead by the "Project" is hate. This hate is aimed at whoever it is politically advantageous to demonize. Communists and socialists, even those who only sought change through peaceful means, were targeted -- and such targeting is essentially policing "thought crimes" of free people.

Now, it is Muslims. Tomorrow it will be whoever the "Project" requires.

Sun Sep 26 2004 3:47 PM

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