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Memo to staff: "Don't rely on the AP"

August 24, 2004 1:42 PM

Today's preview of the O'Reilly Factor:

John Kerry's war records have been under heavy fire on the campaign trail, should he fight back? Or, is this a legitimate test for a hopeful commander-in-chief. These stories and much more!

Then it says "The Associated Press contributed to this story." That's it content-wise, the rest is all "watch the O'Reilly Factor tonight" type stuff. Bill needed to consult the AP for this?

Yet more evidence that Bill is an independent thinker, and doesn't pay any attention to those annoying memos from on high. He completely ignored this May 3rd memo from editorial veep John Moody:

WE are all so used to using the AP wires that their (temporary) absence today provides not just a challenge, but an opportunity. Check websites (including AP) and pay special attention to the urgent queue until AP service is restored. But use the outage to check just how much we rely on one service, and figure out alternatives.

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Memo to staff: "Don't rely on the AP" (08.24.2004)

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Good thing I don't watch Fox. Why waste my precious free time for that?

Tue Aug 24 2004 9:01 PM

portrait artists:

Bill reminds me of an officemate before. We used to have an everyday feeding of web-ready news in our PC provided by our Manager. This news is in addition to what we can also hear from our officemates and the daily gossip that we heard from the coffee shop downstairs. My officemate however didn’t mind anything. He keeps on telling us that he’s there to just work and not to entertain nonsense information which will not benefit him and will not contribute any improvement to his life. People like Bill and my officemate are worthy of emulation. News are sometimes sensationalized and we can never tell whether they’re true or not. The thing is as long as we’re not involved in the news let’s just keep our distance but should always be vigilant to what’s happening in the world.

Fri Aug 17 2007 2:54 AM

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