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Outfoxed morning press round-up

August 2, 2004 10:08 AM

AA Gill, writing in Murdoch's Sunday Times: "Fox claims disingenuously but loudly to be fair and balanced in its newscasting. Actually, it's aggressive and right-wing jingoistic tabloid television that relies on a handful of opinionated, combative presenters."

Entertainment Weekly calls Outfoxed "as highly charged as a Bill O'Reilly rant."

The New Yorker complains: "Outfoxed is not a work of reporting; it is a brief for the prosecution, most of it supported by the juxtaposition of very short clips from Fox News broadcasts. ItÂ’s totally manipulative. Mainstream journalists will love it anyway." Menand also calls the film "a forceful reminder of how vicious the [right-wing media] cheerleading is."

Another news hound is making news this morning: "Melanie Killinger-Vowell's schedule centers around Fox News. She hasn't missed a minute of 'Day Side With Linda Vester' this year. She'd qualify for Fox's biggest fan if she didn't hate it so much."

And, finally, the Avalon Theater in DC has been added to the theatrical release this coming Friday, the 6th.

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Outfoxed morning press round-up (08.02.2004)

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