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Outfoxed storms the box office on opening weekend!

August 8, 2004 10:41 AM

It's been a fantastic opening weekend for Outfoxed. The distributor is estimating a $15-18,000 gross per screen (on 5 screens). As a comparison, the #1 movie this weekend is Collateral -- it's gross per screen is about $7,700.

We're all pretty much floored that it's doing so well, particularly since it's been available on DVD for a month now, and we've been actively encouraging people to set up their own screenings for free. It will definitely get a wider distribution now, more cities will pick it up, etc. It also bodes very well for Uncovered's theatrical bow in two weeks.

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Outfoxed storms the box office on opening weekend! (08.08.2004)

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