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August 25, 2004 9:49 PM

Quentin Tarantino's got a blog. Aside from the obvious, "are you really Quentin Tarantino" type stuff going on, there is this one nugget worth sharing:

What advice can you give to new filmmakers?
- Austin Pilentik, Los Angeles

Just...DO IT! Don't waste your time moping about getting into film schools, alright? Just go get a shitty camera, buy a movie editing suite (Sonic Foundry is good), and get some friends to act. Then post the shit all over the Internet. It's so easy for filmmakers nowadays because of moviemaking software on computers and the ability of the Internet. And the critics thought I was lucky. Get your stuff out there on Kazaa, WinMX, all those other shareware programs. Make posters and distribute ads. Make a free website if you don't have the $$$ and post your movie on there. Advertise everywhere. If it becomes a sensation, newspapers will pick it up.

And for the record, I'm pretty sure it's legit. (not so sure anymore, ha!) It's exactly the kind of thing he would do. He hangs out in bars in Hollywood all the time -- the real bars, not the celebrity joints -- and chats it up with folks in a very normal, un-Hollywood way.

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Quentin Tarantino's blog (08.25.2004)

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Steven Rhodes:

this Bond blog has a quote from his publicist saying it is a good fake, but still a fake

and Roger Avery says it is a hoax'109337015506114454'

Thu Aug 26 2004 5:23 AM


Tell Quintin his next film should expound upon Jules, SL Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction. It would be cinematic heroine.

Sun Mar 27 2005 3:05 PM

rhodderick baines:

hi big fan... i loved the way you did kill bill
your a grate writer, and director. i'm a bit of a writer myself. i was so inspired by kill bill i wrote a story on it's way of being a book. it's called murder mayra. it's about these assiassns that have types of kinesis which there names follows the assassins as the kinesis factor. they betrayed the assassin named rhodderick baines and he comes back for the seven. the story has depth and feeling. i and mayra didn't want it to be just kill kill kill.

Tue Apr 12 2005 2:28 PM


Huge QT fan and I love the little Tarantino-isms thrown throughout the ep. Singing in the car to a country song, the pop-culture references, "The Riddler" from the old Batman TV series FOR GOD'S SAKE! It's beautiful his recycled themes. Yeah, I got the 'buried alive' Kill Bill connection.
Truly a work of art. Bravo, man.

Thu May 19 2005 11:00 PM


qt, i got some very, very cool movie ideas for you that i swear not a single soul has ever thought of. (1 idea is how monks have been influencing our lives with their beleifs)

Tue Sep 6 2005 2:18 AM

wild willy:

Mr.Tarantino although many other's styles have been used in your movies,you have the most uniquely imaginative ability to put them to good use. Because there's a differance between style & originality,I would say that your originality overides the use of other's styles. When I saw KB I thought you had made a most ingenious film that had the balls to slap the Wachowski Bros. for what they had started, along w/ many other movie makers of modern action. Don't get me wrong, I say this w/ respect to you for showing how unreal action(esp.martial arts)has become, by making a mockery of the types of movies seen these days. Actual fight scenes were much better to watch, such as when Bruce Lee fought Kareem. There are many things to say about KB(all+)that I noticed throughout the movie, but the best scene that said most everything to everyone was the "House of" scene. It started basically w/ Thurman on a cycle waiting to take off, next to her is the one that looks like Trinity who almost every time you see her is opening her phone. The whole scene plays together as a combination of the scenes in Reloaded when they have just gotten the keymaker, & the attack of Smith's clones. What was best in this scene was the fight w/ GoGo, this was not only the most powerful fight but also the most ironic considering the weapon she was using was what the 1st person used in the "Black Knight" scene in Monty Python's "The Holy Grail". I also thought it was cool that the person who brought the most power to this scene w/ Thurman was someone that looked like her character in PF. I'm sorry I've said so much, I just had to let some of it out,Mr. Tarantino you're a wonderful artist...Rock On!

Wed Sep 28 2005 5:16 PM

wild willy:

To add, the movie being broken into 2 parts & beginning w/ a quote from when Khan said to Kirk,"Have you ever heard the old klingon proverb,revenge is a dish that is best served cold..." Also having the shot of Thurman"walking the earth like Caine in kung fu" We all know Caine from kung fu. I would say that if anyone was to use your style, it would be how time is dealt with. If anyone who reads all that I've said in both of these either doesn't understand or does not agree, then I would say that they're definately not you...again, Rock On!

Fri Sep 30 2005 1:06 PM


Hey Mr tarantino... even though i highly doubt it is you but i request a small conversation on a movie with you if possible... my email is im a big fan and just would like a small conversation

Mon Oct 31 2005 1:58 AM


I'm writing this message to mr Tarantino,I
have a script that was optioned by LIONS GATE FILM
but i turned it down because i feel they won't capture the film for it's true quality and brilliant story line it posseses because they just
want to purchase the idea i would love to contact a brilliant filmmaker like your self and show you the script and you would agree the marketability
of this film is endless,i know you must get this all the time but i feel this movie would only be done the best by the master himself Quentin Tarantino,If you could please contact me if you get this message at
i would appreciate it very much

Mon Dec 5 2005 11:25 PM


i dont know if u remeber my girlfriend, Amy, but you had luch with her about 9 months ago. anyway. were both huge fans, Pulp Fiction, pure gold, the directing was great but even better, THE DIALOGUE. i almost fuckin creamed myself. even though you didnt write or direct, amy and i cant wait for HOSTLE. i know ur a buisy guy, but hopfully not to buisy to contact a fan. im 16, iv loved everything to do with film since the age of eight, iv studied the masters of the art and byfar your work depicts the true nature of humanity, it just bleeds realism. look; im not asking for a contract, a script reading or even a fuckin autograpgh, just a howdy doo would be much apreciated. keep up the good stuff!!!

Wed Dec 28 2005 5:29 PM

Andrew Golub:

Dear Quentin,

In addition to being a big fan of your work, I am a Duran Duran poster archivist. I'm trying to gather support for putting on my next big exhibition at a local venue.
I've heard of your own affection for DD and I am wondering if you might be interested in lending your support for my endeavor.

If there is a particular address I could use, it would be my pleasure to send you a special package, explaining what I'm about and what I'm trying to do.

Thank you very much for your time and attention, and I wish you a fantastic New Year!

Andrew Golub -

Durandy Productions

Fri Dec 30 2005 8:39 PM

Matt Kammerzelt:

Mr. Tarantino, Sir, I would like to work for you.

Sat Dec 31 2005 7:58 AM

Daniel Casares:

I have written a movie script, can you recommend an agent?

Thu Jan 5 2006 11:00 AM

Daniel Casares:

I have written a movie script, can you recommend an agent?

Thu Jan 5 2006 11:02 AM


hi quentin i just recently started watching your films and i think you're great and a wonderful director and writer and i'm so excited for your new movie hostel keep up the good work.

Fri Jan 6 2006 2:29 PM


You guys kill me. How much time do you think he has? As for me I'm working like a dog. A reservoir dog. I don't need a hand out and I don't need advice. All I'm gonna say'll be nice meeting you when we work together. Maybe you can have a cameo in one of my films.

Stay fresh.

Sat Jan 21 2006 4:09 PM


HY There!
I'm George, I'm from Romania, the country where all the american low budget film become reality... I deare you to come here, and make a movie! And when you will be done, pulp fiction movie will be just history! Here is the right place to rebecome an artist mr Tarantino! I saw all your movies and I underestand something else than your public. You are looking... for something, and I know what it is!
mail me to

Thu Jan 26 2006 1:47 AM


Hi mister tartantino sir,Iam one of your biggest fans. I started liking movies when i was younger and discovered your film when i was 16yrs old,I started using drugs also when i was 16.For years i went through hell.when I got clean 3yrs ago I was getting bored and decided to rent a movie.It was pulp ficton,I loved it,it changed my life.I decided to try to make a flim of my own. Now 3yrs later iam clean and sober and making a film with the national film board of canada. My wife and kids are so happy and now i feel like my kids have someone to look up to. The main thing i remember everyday is make a film for me and if nobody else likes it oh well,I am doing this to get awarness out there about the pill problem in cape breton and if i can help one kid to stay away for drugs it is all worth it.I was wondering if you read this email if you could send me a email or a autograph i would treasure it forever and keep it and save it for my kids so they could
know how much you change my life.My emai is eddie

Wed Feb 1 2006 6:19 PM


Is this really tartantino's blog i heard this is a fake.

Fri Feb 3 2006 7:12 PM

eddie buchanan:

Hi mister tartantino,I am one of your biggest fans
I enjoyed all your films.I look foward to seeing grindhouse and also I heard you were thinking on doing the vega brothers.That would be great.I would love to learn more about the caracters,and see what happened before dogs,andpulp ficton.
I was wondering if you could email me or can I get a autograph from you.I would really love to have one thanks eddie

Fri Feb 3 2006 7:28 PM


TARANTIO'S BIGGEST FAN'S WIFE i would just like to say thanks your films changed my husband life in returne saved my life and gave my kids a chance to grow up with their mom and dad so if you get this email drop a line to small cape bretonER [KEEP ON ROCKING IN THE FREE WORLD]

Sat Feb 4 2006 2:49 PM

Sandra Williams:

I just left this because it is my group...kinda obsessed with Star Wars and Hayden Christensen however I am an amateur screen writer and you are my are a genius when it comes to more recent inventive period drama and I would like to work with you...Hell, have you run with an idea I have for another action/drama flick centered around a woman living in an unfortunate situation...based on my life would like to share more, please contact me to learn more. I promise you it is really deep...based on reality and can be manipulated in many ways to make it "interest friendly"...please just give me a chance to explain my idea...It would be a hit at Sundance!!!! You are my Idol...please contact me Much Love, Lillith.

Sun Feb 5 2006 11:16 PM

argus hanaford:

On the night of the oscars I was outside your dressing room at the Jiummy Kimmel live post oscar show and gave a securty guard who was posted outside your door two dvds of my film "The Caper" it stars Angela Jones from Pulp Fiction, Antonio Fargas aka Huggy Bear and Porn legend Ron Jeremy. It is a heist flick in the same vain as Reservoir Dogs and The Killing. Did you recieve the dvd's?
Check out the link to see a clip of "THE CAPER"
and for more clips go to:
ifilm//user video//argus hanaford

Sat Mar 11 2006 7:03 AM


is everyone on this sight older than 25 , im 14 years of age and have been watching tarrantino from the age of like 8. tarrantions movies are awesome, there pretty realistic and contain the whole shock factor. people that think there wrong and disgusting. well oh well ur naive.
traantino fan.14 (and a girl)

Sat Mar 11 2006 1:35 PM


Attn all QT fans... Check out some clips from my indy film "THE CAPER" inspired by QT... Please post your comments... it stars Esmerelda Villa Lobos the cabby in PULP FICTION...
or go to ifilm//user video// then in the search field type: argus hanaford


Sat Mar 11 2006 1:58 PM


Pretty cool scenes. Is it a feature film? Is it done? Where can we see it? It reminds me of Lock stock and two smoking barrels. Elvis is a nice touch.. chow

Sat Mar 11 2006 10:05 PM


i can see how you hve based it on resevoir dogs, the camera angles are fukin ace, but i still think that your missing the crazt tension that QT achieves. but ya apart from tht it fukin rawks!.
p.s nice artificial finger.
xxcasey (tht 14 year old)

Wed Mar 15 2006 10:26 AM


thanks for checking it out.. if you havent seen the bank heist scene check it out too let me know what you think.. does it remind you of any other films?
go to ifilm//user video// then in the search field type: argus hanaford

Wed Mar 15 2006 2:08 PM


hi quentin:
it is so weird for me to write to you (i never had a chance to do something like that before).
im from Israel and my dream is to be a director (hopefully as good as you are).
i wanted to tell you that you gave me the courage to think differently from others and to express myself in a way people can identify with.
Im trying to write a small script now but i could use a few advices about the writing.
thank you for doing what you do (especially for PULP FICTION)!

Sun Mar 19 2006 8:00 AM


Hey everyone. Just finished another script and was wondering if anyone wants a preview before I send it out. I'd like Mr. Tarantino to get the preview too but he's impossible to email. It's a story about a kid who grew up in the biker world and becomes a Pablo Escibar of the meth trade. It's a pretty violent story. Some gore but it's a great story line. If anyone wants a preview please write me.

Mon Apr 3 2006 2:23 PM


Hey Argus? How can I see your movie? It sounds awesome !

Mon Apr 3 2006 4:22 PM


Dayamn Argus !!! That preview is wicked !!! The LA river ! Man you picked a great location to shoot that scene. Write me if you getta chance brother. (Scroll up for my email addy)


Mon Apr 3 2006 4:41 PM


hey jordan thanks for checking out the clips on ifilm... and if anybody out there would like a DVD of "The Caper" to check out i will send you one just email me... if you can handle the shipping cost i'll send one i just ask for some feedback... so i can make a few cuts before i seek distribution...

Mon Apr 3 2006 5:30 PM


What do you think of the script Argus? I emailed it to you. BTW, you're movie kicks ass !!!!!

Mon Apr 3 2006 6:48 PM


Mr. Tarantino? You've got alot of talent in here. Check out "The Caper" if you get a chance brother. It's fucken good !

Mon Apr 3 2006 6:52 PM


jordan, it's very gritty... i started reading it and was sucked right in... loved the tooth brush story... those are some ruthless characters... the dialouge is great... and i'm not just blowin smoke... do you have other scripts?..

Tue Apr 4 2006 3:46 AM



Sat Apr 8 2006 2:35 PM


Nobody's written shit in here since last week? What the fuck? I sent you 30 pages of one of my scripts and checked out your preview Argus. No fucking wonder Quentin doesn't bother with this shit. Get busy people ! Give him something to look at or go back to your shitty jobs !


Sat Apr 8 2006 10:44 PM


Thanks Argus, love your flick too from what I've seen. If you wanna colaborate and trade idea's write me brother. If I lag on writtin ya back it's cause I'm stuck at work. But I will definately get back to you man. You've got some fucken aye real-ass talent ! or

Sat Apr 8 2006 10:48 PM


Sorry for the previous yellin atcha Argus, the Mrs. was bitchin at me, ha ha ha. Forgive me brother and fellow writer. I think you really are the next up and coming star man. The LA river bottom scene was fucken awesome !

People? Check out "The Caper" ! It's fucken way ass worth it !

Sat Apr 8 2006 10:51 PM


It is time to revive Christopher Lambert.

Sat Apr 8 2006 11:01 PM


Damn it. I tried to write you just now Argus but this piece of shit firewall keeps blocking my shit.

Anyways, please write me if you get bored brother. I'll write for you anytime You got talent man

Sat Apr 8 2006 11:14 PM


jordan's a punk yada yada yada

tarantino rox

Sat Apr 8 2006 11:39 PM


Don't care what you think anonymous, but "The Caper" rules ! I'll gladly give Argus some scenes from Paragon cause dat dudes got true talent !

Sat Apr 8 2006 11:54 PM


Hello again Anonymous. Sorry that you feel that way about me. All of the shit I write about in my scripts I've really lived.

I'm in LA and San Diego once a week every month.

Maybe we can discuss this punk thing over lunch? I'll get you a carne asada burrito combo plate.

Sun Apr 9 2006 1:37 PM


hey jordan I can see you dont got a life all you do is write in here. why dont you find a hobby . punk

tarantino still rox

Sun Apr 9 2006 8:29 PM


ARGUS BIO: FADE IN: Flashback 1989... I arrive in Studio City no job a few hundred bucks in my pocket a roommate (Fran Caruso) a one bedroom apartment right off the 101. I figured I could get work as an extra and go from there. Some how after sending out a bunch of pictures I get my first “extra gig” playing Frisbee with my roommate Frank at Echo Park in the film "Alligator Two". I could see big things in my future...couldn’t you? So then a few weeks later a get a call to be a stand-in the cable film "Heatwave" it was directed by one of my childhood hero's (Kevin Hooks) aka "Thorpe" from the 80's TV show "The White Shadow" it was cool. Some how I got bumped up to a speaking role and all of a sudden I was sharing a scene with (James Earl Jones) me and Luke Skywalkers Dad... I thought I had arrived but nope I was just another actor trying to get work and wasn't getting any. So I got a job waiting tables at the coffee shop at the "Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel" the "Stargazer" it was ok. The hi-lite was one night I hooked up with a Japanese Tourist she could barely speak a lick of English. I took her for a ride on my motorcycle after work and when we got back to her room. We sat and had nothing to say because it was hard to communicate. So as I was leaving and we were at the door I kissed her and the next thing you know we were having sex. She was possibly a virgin but it was definitely a different experience. Anyway as we were getting down the phone started to ring and ring and ring. Then somebody entered the room... It was the security guard. I guess as we started to get down we never closed the door...Whoops. It made the whole experience even cooler. Plus she wrote me a few weeks later from Japan and said “She was a lucky student and that I was a good teacher”. My next Job was at he "Chateau Marmount" great history there the place where John Belushi died, John Lennon used to play the piano in the lobby when he stayed there in the 60's. It was cool so many eclectic people were staying there. People like the "Bad lieutenant" director (Abel Ferrara), (Keith David), another cool guy was.. I don't know his name but he played the weird hunch back like character in the "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"... I did room service. One of my memory’s is one time when (River Phoenix) and his sister (Summer Phoenix) were staying there and they called down and asked if we had a vegetarian sandwich. I said we didn't but that I could make him one. I did and brought it up. River and his sister were hanging out with their acoustic guitars. I gave them there order and went downstairs. By the time I was in the kitchen they called and wanted another sandwich. 1990... at twenty I get a job at "The China Club" the hottest celebrity nightclub in Hollywood. I wasn't even 21 and here I was partying and getting paid $200 to $400 a night as a bar back. It was great but my acting career was going nowhere. I did a couple of commercials but that was about it. So I enrolled at LACC and started taking film classes and making super8 films... I had big dreams. In 1991 China Club closed down. I can remember people who worked there stealing everything they could get there hands on the night it closed TV’s, stereos, kitchen stuff ect. It was sad. Even though I hadn't made any connections in the film business by this time. I had made some in the LA bar scene which led to a job at "Tatou Supper Club" in Beverly Hills" it was opened by (Mark Fleishman) he is the guy who took over (Studio 54)... That place was a trip from (Fabio’s) birthday party to (Billy Idol) overdosing and management saying to drag him out to the front so he doesn't die in the nightclub... they even had a art exhibit for serial killer (John Wayne Gassey). That was one big strange party for about two and a half years… So I shot some more films, Worked my way up to super8 sync sound. And kept pounding the pavement. I had a couple of scripts almost get produced but both times nothing happened… SO I SAID ENOUGH AND DECIDED TO DO IT MYSELF… “THE CAPER” is what came about ten plus years of NO’S. I found somebody that said yes… ME! Stay tuned for part two 1995-2000

Mon Apr 10 2006 3:30 AM


cant wait for part 2. cool stargazer story

Mon Apr 10 2006 8:06 PM


blah blah blah

tarantino still rox

Mon Apr 10 2006 10:09 PM


The omens suggest that the critics don't count. Their ideas may be somewhat correct, their words more or less true. Still, the credit goes to the one who tries and fails.


hey vargas, you dig QT and i dig him, that's why we are at this site. do a fellow QT fan a favor and check out some of my clips from my QT inspired film. i did it with no-budget just balls to the walls persistence...
then type argus hanaford in the search field
from one fan to the next i'd like to know what you think.

Tue Apr 11 2006 1:31 AM


Wed Apr 12 2006 4:41 AM


First, I LOVE Quentin's movies. OMG>>>>I've probably watched Pulp Fiction 8 times this week.

But I want to ask Quentin a question about a possible boo-boo in Pulp Fiction. It's something so obvious that I can't believe I haven't heard/read it before and I can't believe I just noticed it a couple of weeks ago after watching the movie 50 times.

If it's really the blotch that I think it is, Quentin will NOT believe it. But then I keep thinking that maybe it's the way he wanted it, but I can't make it make sense. It's something in a scene that shouldn't be there...yet. If anybody can get this to Quentin, please have him somehow contact me...and no fakes! Thank you, Debby

Wed Apr 12 2006 4:29 PM


Hey Argus ! Sorry I was stuck doin MCSE work all fucken week. That's a fucken aye kewl story of your experiences brother. Mine were more of a valley boy sellin dope with some psycho's. Man, you gotta lotta talent my brother !

Gotta bit of a new dialogue for ya bro:

Fade in:

So Vargas? I guess this means ya
don't like me much?

Fuck you punk !

Are you forgettin` the time in
mens central I kept dem crips
from doin` a squeal piggie squeal
on your lil hieney?

Fuck you !

Yeah baby boy, you suck a real good
dick !

Fade out:

LOL, anyways, send me a part of your script for
"The Caper" so I can see your writing style bro.

Glad ya like mine. I'll send ya the rest and
other stories. You got true talent man. Don't
ever let anyone tell you otherwise !

Sat Apr 15 2006 12:15 AM


Jordan's a punk. Story still sux

Jordan needs to get off the computer he's on it too much

Tarantino still kicks ass

Sat Apr 15 2006 12:21 AM


Ha ha ha , Hi there Vargus the Verga !

Write me some dialogue or who's on here more bitch? Let's see if you know a thing about writing?

BTW, this aint an arguement room. I aint gonna disrespect Mr. Tarantino dat way. Write somptin and let's see whatcha got?

Sat Apr 15 2006 12:33 AM


(He scrambles for a Lew Hunter or Sid Field book)

Sat Apr 15 2006 12:43 AM


Have you at least read Goldman ?

Sat Apr 15 2006 12:46 AM


William Goldman?

Sat Apr 15 2006 12:52 AM


Fade in:

Ext. Dusk

The men walk into a SMALL CREEPY TOWN

The three young men walk down a lonley road and come to a dilapidated looking motel at the edge of a small strip mall. They are all a bit nervious to say the least.

They walk to the parking lot of the MOTEL.

A young girl comes out and looks at JAMES.

The girl has one eye looking at him and another wondering to and fro.

YOUNG GIRL: He's going to get you

The men look at each other

James: Who's going to get us?

Young Girl (very slowly) : Sam, Sam, the BUTHER MAN

Sat Apr 15 2006 1:42 AM


Young Girl (very slowly) Sam, Sam, the BUTCHER MAN

Sat Apr 15 2006 1:44 AM


Sorry for the typo, see you next week guys.

Sat Apr 15 2006 1:45 AM


Drunk Fool

Sat Apr 15 2006 1:49 PM

Argus (The real Argus):

Please Don't use my name and put stuff like "Drunk Fool".

I've can piss people off on my own I don't need any help thanks.

Sun Apr 16 2006 2:50 PM

The Real Argus:

Its not nice to use people's names to post things

Sun Apr 16 2006 8:28 PM


I don't want to beg but can somebody look at a few clips from my indy film "The Caper" and post what they think.

Sun Apr 16 2006 11:45 PM


Don't like it. Seems to me like its too much of a copycat of every other movie I've seen *personal opinion of course

Mon Apr 17 2006 9:56 AM



Kinda... Maybe if it didn't take me 11 years to get it made it would seem a little bit more original. Can you tell me of another film about a father and son bank robbery team? If not then maybe it is original... also it was made for only $18.000 without a crew. A real independent. Thanks for checking it out!

Mon Apr 17 2006 12:32 PM


Four Rooms - yer best movie.

Idea: Try to work Sugar Sugar by The Archies in your next would rock.

Also, use Bruce Willis again.

That is all.

Fri Apr 21 2006 3:07 PM

casey (tht 14 yrold):

i havnt been on this for a while , im sorry, but argus, dude iv checked out the bank heist, pretty damn brilliant. guess what i have to write this 5 page crime story in english lit. im on 24 pages n tryna limit the abuse. man this sux. its pretty good though. tlk to y lter.xxcasey

Sat Apr 22 2006 2:18 PM



Tue Apr 25 2006 2:40 PM

wild willy:

Mr Tarantino, I can't wait until u have another film. U r 1 of best Director/Movie Maker's of all...siding w/ 1's such as Sergio Leone, Stanley Kubrick, & John Carpenter. It's sad that today's cinema is losing originality. So many remakes & TV shows turned theater. It almost seems like the in thing now & it's causing 2 many filmakers 2 just go w/ the flow. U however still have ur originality & could always make a real movie whether it was a remake or not, something that could be done w/ur style such as Heavy Metal. The only movie that has been remade by anyone, so far, that was worth seeing was The Thing. Anyway, I'm sure ull come up w/ something again, how can some1 w/ ur imagination not. Pulp Fiction is a classic movie that now has many others using ur style. This is ur blog & any1 who writes on here should b doing so 2 u, not mostly back & forth 2 others. They should give u respect & if u want 2 read any of this u will. If we keep c'ing ppl bitch at each other, we might as well just say, " Jardas if u don't shut up then bend over, 'cause we're gonna bring out the Gimp!" STFU guys...

Tue Apr 25 2006 4:39 PM


whats up. I have a GREAT IDEA for a reality tv show and I have used you in my treatment as an example of how the competition should run. I would love to forward the treatment to you and have you take a look. It would be an Excellent way to promote GRIND HOUSE. I think you would really be turned on by this concept. tommy

Wed Apr 26 2006 2:19 PM

Cheryl Numnutasshole:

Watching Hostel. When does it get good and
gorey? I am half way through the film am
wondering, what is up baby?

Love ya

Wed Apr 26 2006 4:55 PM

Cheryl I was wasted when I made that name up.:

Is there a problem between you and Marilyn
Manson? Just curious. You are the best film
maker, and he is the best Metal performance
artist. I Think with both of you would be
able to get the boring ass people out of the

Wed Apr 26 2006 5:17 PM

Cheryl Cheryl:

Do you really read this?

Wed Apr 26 2006 5:30 PM

Cheryl Cheryl:

I never knew who you were until I watched
"From dusk till dawn"

Enough said

Do you remember the old Brooks movie "Life

Wed Apr 26 2006 5:36 PM


What did you think of "Wrong turn?"

Really good I thought. My opinion

does matter.

Wed Apr 26 2006 5:44 PM


No, I am not shy. Why don't you and your freind, pick me up in the jet, at the Crystal airport? Or my driveway works also. 36th avenue has been made into a temporary dragstrip/runway for any vehicle that need assistance.

Wed Apr 26 2006 6:07 PM


cheryl ... what a dumbass

love u tarantino

Thu Apr 27 2006 8:07 PM



You really hurt my feelings. So what if I decided to write on the blog while having a martini.

Fri Apr 28 2006 5:44 AM


Hope ya guys get a kick outta one of my scenes. Argus is the most talented flick maker now. Hope I didn't piss him off too bad in one of my beer stupers, ha ha. Hope yaz all enjoy this scene:

Sun Apr 30 2006 3:29 AM



A group of white inmates including Donny and Red are at a table. Anthony walks over.

A young PRISONER has his shirt off revealing tatoos all over his
arms, chest and back. He is in the middle of a story.

So they get their room and put all
their shit away. They go down to the
casino and gamble for a while. Play
some black jack, shoot craps, all
that kinda shit. Well, they go back
up to their room and it’s fucking
ransacked. I mean their shit’s
thrown everywhere. But the funny
thing is, none of their shit’s
missing. Camera, clothes, jewelry,
credit cards and shit, it’s all
still there. So they bitch about it
and get another room. Stay and have
a killer weekend. Well, a week or
two after they get back they develop
the pictures of their trip, and
there’s one of this big, fat, black
(turning for a visualization)
... with both of their
tooth brushes stickin’ out of his ass.
The crowd of men including Anthony burst into laughter, except
for Donny.

Sun Apr 30 2006 3:30 AM


Anyone like "A Paragon of Virtue" ?

Sun Apr 30 2006 5:07 PM


Willie is my favorite character to write about, ha ha ha.

Sun Apr 30 2006 5:09 PM



A WHITE CAMARO rumbles at a red light.


WILLIE sits in the drivers seat GUNNING the engine. He is a scraggily, unshaven man in his late thirties. With a front tooth
missing and permanent scowl, Willie is like something straight
out of the ‘Pirates of the carribean’. In the passenger seat
Anthony watches two HOOKERS outside viciously pulling hair and
slapping each other.

Hey Willie, check out that shit.

Ah fuck those cunts.


The CAMARO pulls into an alley and parks.


Willie drops a tiny black ball into a spoon. He draws some water
into a syringe from a bottle and squirts it in. Using a lighter-
he heats the mixture, and with a cigarette clenched in his teeth,

This’ll just take a minute.

Anthony is reading a Hustler magazine, paying no attention, then
laughing hysterically.

This makes Willie chuckle, who’s carefully drawing the liquid into a syringe.

What the fuck’s so funny?

Hey Willie, I aint never seen you
so much as smile.

Willie is flicking at the syringe with his middle finger.

I gotta stop by my sisters pad for
a minute, why don’t you drive.


Willie is looking in the rear view mirror at the syringe in his neck.


Anthony and Willie are walking on the upper level of some run down apartments. Willie walks past a window, stops, then turns around and looks inside.

Muther fucker.


Willie CRASHES through the front door surprising a man on the couch. He’s a tall, lanky guy who’s quite possibly the product
of incest. A coffee table in front of him is covered with beer
cans and wine bottles. A young woman is passed out with her shirt
lifted and breasts exposed.
Willie CHARGES the man and THROWS him across the room. Willie
punches the man in the head and face with no mercy.

Anthony casually walks in and closes the door.

you like to touch things muther

Willie drags the man into the kitchen still pummeling him. He
slams the mans face on the sink repeatedly.

Ya want something to touch?
Ya want something to touch
muther fucker? Here, touch this!

Willie turns on the garbage disposal and shoves the mans hand in.
We hear a gut wrenching GRINDING sound as the man SCREAMS and JERKS. Willie drags the guy to the front door. The end of his arm
is a gushing mess of carnage. Willie opens the front door and
throws him over the balcony. Willie then comes back in and goes
into the bedroom.

Anthony pulls the girls shirt down and puts a pillow underneath
her head. Willie comes out of the bedroom with a backpack.

Come on, let’s get the fuck outta


A woman is screaming at the top of her lungs down below as Anthony and Willie walk away.


Willie is driving.

Cock sucker ruined my high.
(lighting a cigarette clenched in his teeth)
somethin’ wrong?

I aint never seen no shit like that

That wasn’t shit, he got off easy.
You should’ve seen what we did to
this one child molester up at Quinten.

Glad I didn’t.

There’s a lot worse fuckers out there
than me, you believe it.

Willie grabs the backpack from the back seat and hands it to Anthony.

I got two pounds in here. Wanna
make a run for me?

Sun Apr 30 2006 5:10 PM


Thanks Mr. Tarantino and Argus for encouraging me to use my imagination and get back to writing. You guys rule !

Sun Apr 30 2006 5:27 PM


Typical. Dont like it. Needs a bit more intrigue, suspense.

Tarantino knows how to do it.

Mon May 1 2006 7:54 PM

Wild Willy:

I agree w/ Pete, that was way 2 typical. It was a Jules & Vincent scene that had no substance. It only became very graphic 2 climax the scene...for all we know, the guy could've just had a wife that was much younger than him. Tarantino would've def. been able 2 make much more of that scene.

Wed May 3 2006 11:35 AM


I THINK YOU GET THE IDEA... At least stop by and get the link to Quentin Tarantinos myspace. It's only one click away...

Watch the trailer see some clips. Shit, if you like Independent movies stop by and support me.
I have no budget. I do it all by myself. Come on throw a dog a bone:) ARGUS

Wed May 3 2006 8:08 PM


Argus is trying to push this trailer pretty hard. Its alright Argus, wont see me paying 8.75 a ticket to go see it at the box office though

Thu May 4 2006 6:16 PM


Hi Mr. Tarantino my name is anthony i am 13 years old i am a huge fan of your work, my fav. film is reservoir dogs. i am currently writteng a screenplay called "les cinco mertes" clossly traslated it means the 5 deaths its 5 short action/horror stories. i dont how i would but id like it if i could send a copy to you when its finished, if its ok send me your adress so i could. it would be so cool if you sighened it and revied it. i hope to one day be like you sir. so goodbye for now your adoring fan, Anthony

Sat May 6 2006 8:34 AM


make a kill bill game please from your biggest fan

Sun May 7 2006 12:36 PM


I would like comments from anyone who has

seen HOSTEL>

Sun May 7 2006 2:55 PM


Thanks Pete and Wild Willy for the critisism ! A real writer can take from that and learn from what the viewers want. And, the best is hearing from other writers.

I was trying to capture the realism that I've seen in this crazy ass life. Post me some of your scenes too ?

Argus? Keep up the good work man, you rule dude !

Sun May 7 2006 5:57 PM


Argus? If I had a hundred million to exec produce your flick I'd give it up in a heart beat man. You are the future of movies brother !

Sun May 7 2006 6:05 PM


Hey Pete and Wild Willy? This aint about trying to be like Quentin, it's about making new flicks guys. Come on, we learn from the best and then do our thing. I'm not trying to plagarize, just make some stories from shit I've lived.

Sun May 7 2006 6:11 PM


Reading all of the blogs. FUCK YOU WILLIAM ! What have you made?

Sun May 7 2006 6:16 PM



Mon May 8 2006 9:36 PM

J9 - Queen of Canada!:

Hello QT.. (If i may be permitted to say so.) I was wondering what you look for in the actors/ actresses that star or eventually more so become muses in your films? I would like to think I haven't gotten roles.. at least mostly speaking parts for the reason that I am holding out for the right opportunity and meticulous planning my career just to appear in a QT film. Any advice or even just to be background on one of your films would be absolutely amazing. Like bacon on toast.. mmm.

Thu May 11 2006 1:40 PM

J9 - Queen of Canada!:

Hello QT.. (If i may be permitted to say so.) I was wondering what you look for in the actors/ actresses that star or eventually more so become muses in your films? I would like to think I haven't gotten roles.. at least mostly speaking parts for the reason that I am holding out for the right opportunity and meticulous planning my career just to appear in a QT film. Any advice or even just to be background on one of your films would be absolutely amazing. Like bacon on toast.. mmm.

Thu May 11 2006 1:41 PM


Fargus againe aye? Why do you wanna make this an arguement? This is supposed to be Quentin room dummy. Collaboration of ideas and stuff. And you wanna go and be a fuckwad?

Has anyone seen Quentin's CSI? That shit was fucken great ! John Saxon as the pist off father of a wrongly convicted girl who had "White Girl" tatoo-ed on her arm and was traded daily for cigarettes. That's Tarantino baby !

This is his blog not yours or mine dummy Fargus.

My pal Chance who was in CheapSex and Infected is gonna post some of his scenes. Hope the rest of yaz like the sick dialogue, ha ha.


Sat May 13 2006 3:18 AM



So here I am again...just like every other night. Smokin' my heroin...bored outta my mind, watching another Vietnamese sunset. What happened? Where did it go wrong? Here I am. One of the few "round eye's", as Ling likes to call me, waiting for this cocksucker to show, pick up and pay for this god-damn order. Here I am...just another run of the mill white slave trader, dumping another blue-eyed, barely legal runaway that I snatched off the streets of Hollywood in the middle of the night. There's just no sence of accomplishment anymore. Nothing about it challenges my ablilities. Here I am, sucking up the smoke off a chunk of tar that is cookin on a hot knife. Here I am again with my load of wiggling duffle bags inside this shitty warehouse, surrounded by a bunch of ankle biteing bastard kids that are acting like little shits because they gotta work around the clock this weekend to make sure that Kathy Lee gets her shipment of endorsed clothing out to K-Mart on time.

"Watch it ya little bastard or I'll give ya the switch again"!!

I dont even know why I bother yelling at the little fuckers. Its not like they can understand a word Im saying. What happened? I had such high ambitions.I wanted to do something that made my pa proud. I remember sitting on a stump next to him when I was a tike, as he was skinning rabbits. He'd say to me, "Rabbit fur aint shit boy. Dont make the same mistake I made. Its baby harp seals. Thats where the money is boy. Now git over here on your knees and make your pappy happy." I grew up dreaming of bank vaults filled with the bloody seal carcass's. I dreamt of a home just like the Clampettes had, and a sister that would make animal noises whenever we'd have anal sex. Luxuries...all bought with the skins of screaming little seals. I was so full of ambition...but somewhere I lost my way. I lost sight of my goal. I got distracted by them dick and tittie hookers down in Me-Hee-Coe. Never saw one of them before. It didnt make no sence; but there I was, comin' back for more. Fasinating little fuckers. Ide pay them with pharmecutical speed to take their half shirts off so I could see thier hangin titties while I watched em' piss outta thier porn star cocks. It all came crashing down one night when Chuco (one of my paid-for man-bitches) showed up late, and all dolled up. He-she knew I like my "dickchicks" dirty. I tazed him with my "zany-zapper" till the batteries ran dead. Off to jail I went. Thats where I met the redheaded chinaman. He said his name was Ling Qwan O'Mally. Apparently his mammy and pappy met workin the railroad together. Little slope fucker had freckles, red hair, and everything. He told me about a business he ran, and that he was lookin to expand, but he couldnt find an amercian that could afford to buy into his business with him. I asked him what it was, and he told me, "White slavery." He just needed help with distribution. I tried to hid my excitement at the fact that he had no idea that I could grab more aryan ass off the road, than he could count on his abbacus. I asked him how much it would cost to buy in and he told me, "..your cookie, shoes, and a suck-suck." Sounded reasonable. After that night, I was outt jail and on my way to the orient. Here I am. Outta horse and now choppin up rope sized lines of meth. The new owner of these 12 underweight, whites in tighties checks out the merch. Thats when I heard the stranger shout, "Hey you fuck! I pay fo 12 white bitch. You give me 11 white bitch and a cuban." Motherfuckers dont appreciate a fuckin thing.

Sat May 13 2006 3:48 AM


Man, that bass playin muther-fucker can write !!!

Sat May 13 2006 4:15 AM

William H:

hey you, the one that calls yourself jordan, dude dont you have a fuckin life or something? why you always on this thing. give the other fans a break man and get a fuckin hobby dumbass

Sat May 13 2006 11:48 AM

Wild Willy:

Jordon, ur pa musta bent u over 2 many times when u were a little 1. By chance, it's more than likely that it was written for u, 2 imply how secluded & deranged u must b. U sure seemed 2 enjoy that story...prob 'cause u were able 2 relate 2 it quite a bit. I agree w/ William, get some hobbies(go 2 a bar, have a few beers, shoot some pool)u know, get a life!

Sat May 13 2006 4:36 PM


So William? Does this mean I aint gonna bring over the tamales for mothers day tomorrow? Darnity ! Don't that just suck?

Wild Willy? Thanks for calling me deranged ! If you don't like fucking deranged then get the fuck outta Quentin's room you dolt. Quentin is the king of deranged or haven't you noticed?

High five to the CSI that Mr. Tarantino did ! I'm still rollin`.

Sat May 13 2006 10:27 PM


Do you guys have any idea of who Chance is? LOL

Sat May 13 2006 10:36 PM


chance is another idiot like you. who the fuck cares who chance is. we care who QT is and we like him. nuff with your stupid ass stories and get the hell off this thing

Sun May 14 2006 12:07 AM

William H:

And another thing dumbass jordan. This is not a chat room its a blog. there's a difference. People dont chat with others here so give the rest a room to breathe and to enjoy the site. Take your twisted, evil, stupid stories and get out.

Sun May 14 2006 11:35 AM


Sorry to offend you guys. Do you really think Quentin likes coming here and reading ass kissing from teenie boppers asking for a part in his next movie? Part-2, Los Angeles California

Sun May 14 2006 3:29 PM


Los Angeles, man what a place ! That city is a true entity that is very much alive and knows exactly who you are in her town.

I left Van Nuys for San Diego when I was sixteen. I'd come on the bus to come visit my Gramma now and then. One time, the bus wouldn't stop downtown anymore and I had a choice of getting off in Boyle Heights or moving on to Santa Ana. So I got off the bus and got a beer out of my back pack thinking it's the last one I'm gonna swill. The old ladies with their grocery bags walked away slowly from the bus stop. Soon, a procession of low riders came crawling by mad dawgin me hard. These guys have more guns then the ARMY so I took my last swill waitin to get one in my head or chest.

But my wonderful Los Angeles, the lady that raised me, didn't let me die that day. Los Angeles is an entity, a beautiful woman, and she either loves you or hates you. No in between.

I aint making any of this up. My LA kept me alive alot of times for some odd reason. Maybe to hassle you guys, maybe for something else.

Keep the great stories coming Quentin and Argus !


Sun May 14 2006 3:44 PM


so so so so stupid jordan

get a hobby

Thu May 18 2006 5:23 PM


I hardly doubt QT will read this thing ever again now that this "Jordan" is posting crap.

Keep at it QT. You got some REAL fans out there.


Thu May 18 2006 9:53 PM


you would think there is a fan site, or an actual link to. but no. I can't find one. That is respectable so does the QT not like outside suggestions or doest the QT come up with all this within himself. as many may give ideas that are none other than an flim, mine is as the QT of a way to alter that, that is, possible maybe, who is to say, who is to dare, chance is only a game well played, says the Rickster "Never More".

Fri May 19 2006 3:38 AM


wtf people, y does everyone bark on here so much? rick, I guess u kinda barked...but reading that just made me picture u standing with a book in your hand by an open bedroom window, looking into the morning sunlight. do you always talk like that? I always wonder what is most prominant on here...stupidity, immaturity, or just very stupid immaturity. its a hard call since you cant realy tell whos on the other side of the screen anyway. you dont know whether qt is posting something just to spark interest or begin pointless chat to have fun hearing how it stirs them. if he was ever to come on and actually say that it was himself, nobody would probably believe him. this would just cause chaos from the curiosity...interrogation, denial, mass barking! its always fun to look on here every once in awhile just to see whats goin on, but I had to finally say something. have fun everyone, maybe youll all see the light someday...

Fri May 19 2006 7:29 PM

biker 1300:

read star of the sea by joseph oconner set in the past but reads like a q t film

Tue May 23 2006 4:42 PM


A friend of mine wants to know if QT remembers hanging out w/a bunch of guys, smoking and chilling in & around NYC... they welcome you back to the cipher anytime. I'm only sorry I missed it.

Tue May 30 2006 11:56 PM

Andrew Agudelo:

Hi QT!!!!!
My name is Andrew Agudelo from Colombia. At presnt I'm in first year of the Toronto Film School in Canada and have been learning film productions for 5 years in my country. I want to know what do you think abuot colombian's films? and, in Canada "Toronto" the possibility to work is bery good, but is better look chance in U.S.A film industry.What do you think?

Sun Jun 4 2006 10:03 AM

Gary Powell:

Quentin has made it well known that one of his favourite movies of all time is Where Eagles Dare ('the best men on a mission movie' he claims). There has been talk that once he got Kill Bill out of the way, he would then resume work on his homage to that film, calling it 'Inglorious Bastards'.

If you are reading this Quentin or his agent, I propose that he should give a part to English actor Derren Nesbitt, who was so memorable as Major von Hapon, the Gestapo officer in Where Eagles Dare and thereby creating a nice link between the two pictures.

I would love to see Derren playing a similar creepy role, maybe as an older Nazi General in this movie. He can certainly nail that accent!

So today I start my online campaign to get Derren Nesbitt in Quentin's World War II epic.

Gary Powell (37) - (Hampshire, England)

Sun Jun 4 2006 11:44 AM


Dear Quentin,
I'm an Italian boy of 18 years old, my name's Federico Tucci, I've send three mails to Mike Simpson and I'm waiting an answer from he. You can read my mail on Mike's e-mail address. This is the only way to contact you, I repeat, is better if you read my mail sending to Mike, I'll be faster, sorry. I'm a your BIG fan, my myth is Sergio Leone too! I know your obsession is to equal � The Good, The Bad And The Ugly �, I've elaborated a screenplay complete of weft, converses, customs, description personages, scenes, beginning, part central and part final of the movie; I have invented new personages, with everyone its story; using your perfect style supported from that one of Master Sergio Leone. Please you must read the mail sending to Mike and after send me an answer, is important. In two lines my screenplay is not described to the perfection and what that is, but on the whole it is terrific. But I ask you a tremendous effort and a pinch for madness in believing in my possibilities. Maybe I'm a far relative of Stanley Tucci, if therefore were would be incontestable my ability to make cinema, please, realized this situation: an Italian ( people to which you must great part of your acquaintances and admiration in the world of the cinema ) whose his surname is already � famous � in the world of the cinema, proposed you a screenplay that traces � The Good, The Bad And The Ugly �, your preferred movie? I believe you would be enthusiastic of my screenplay, I implorer you to trust in me, make the scriptwriter and director is my dream and if I have a possibility, this, is in your hands.
I repeat you to read my mails on

I newly make excuses for the insistence and the grammatical errors.
Attending one your answer I say you thanks for the attention granted to me.

Your faithfully Federico.

Mon Jun 19 2006 1:57 PM

Chloe' Bugg:

QT-if this is a legitimate site. who knows, but like "you" said, "just go for it!" I take chances and I need a personal way to converse about a film that would blow your mind coming from a 21 year old female South Carolinian. My mind is a playground and I'm young with an old sould and one gory, outrageous, unique imagination. Due to copywriting legalities, I can type no more. All I ask is, that if you are the real QT or can contact him, is to email me back and read my synopsis. I'm a genetically inclined actor, writer, fuck, an artist as yourself. I have a mindblowing idea, plot, twist, etc that would help the movie ratings out due to the past years slight rating decrease. I need you, Quentin, to direct, produce, and possibly co-write the script if the synopsis turns you on. I wouldn't waste my time on the fucking net if this was a waste of time. Hope to hear from someone who can help me find the RIGHT people to begin my film career. Oh, and yes there will be gore and a sadistic, neurotic ending but with good intention. That's all I can type. I'll search a million times for you or your industry because this is brilliant on a myriad of levels.

Better hear from someone who is fucking in the business.
thanks for you time,

Sat Jul 1 2006 2:47 PM

shyla zastoupil:

why didn't you bother to come to the funeral?

Fri Jul 7 2006 3:11 AM


who's shyla talking to? who died?

Sat Jul 8 2006 12:40 AM


i love you

Sat Jul 8 2006 12:53 AM


I could waste my time and tell you how awsome you are but It would be a waste since you obviously know everyone sending messages on this blog loves your work. I am a Senior in Highschool and there is not much room for creativeness in the Highschool due to the little cliques.I have this notebook in my room full of Ideas but there is one in particular that I want to turn over to you that I have thought alot about and ran through my head since I was about 13.
I dont have the internet cause I dont have a job (not old enough to work at Blockbuster)But I do have a email that you can reach me at if you are of any interest.Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Thu Jul 13 2006 10:54 PM

Wild Willy:

Mr. Tarantino, I'll try 2 make this short since I've already said some of it b4. I just saw A Scanner Darkly & thought it was an intensely trippy movie. The way it was made worked so well for what they could do w/ it. It didn't need mass amounts of special effects because of how they could use the animation. Ideas come from many things, like The 5th Element from the Harry Canyon scene in Heavy Metal. A remake of Heavy Metal would be awesome if it were done in this manner. The movie would totally connect w/ the original because of its animation & could be done by you so well for the way its continuity is could even have Bruce play Harry, it would be great! Anyway, I still think ur a wonderful artist.

Mon Jul 17 2006 12:53 PM


My shit's still on here after all this time? LOL Anyways, just saw Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction again today. Man, you're the fucken greatest Q !
I especially love the writing in True Romance. Fucken aye awesome !

Sat Jul 22 2006 3:37 PM


my god, jordan, thought we got rid of you from here. gosh what a loser.
QT's still da bomb

Fri Jul 28 2006 4:16 PM


I know that you are in Austin often. Please e-mail me and I will send you information about why you should contact me for some of your projects. I'm not some gadfly. Believe me. It's up to you.

Sat Aug 5 2006 5:29 PM


Thu Aug 10 2006 6:36 PM


Hello My Name Is Shannon And My Best Friend Is Called Tabby We Are 14 Years Old And Are SERIOUSLY Wanting To Become Movie Directors.. We Have Excellent Ideas For New Movies As We Have Such Broad Imaginations .. So If You Would Like To Hear Any Of Our Film Ideas Then Contact Us At Or Trust Us You Would Want To Contact Us Thanks Shannon And Tabby x

Tue Aug 15 2006 3:11 PM


Just a question, have any of you guys writing here ever got an answer from the qt himself? Just curious =)

Tue Aug 15 2006 5:59 PM


nobody thats writing here ever hears from QT because this is not QT's blog!! Duh!

Fri Aug 18 2006 9:54 AM

thomas kaku:

geez i need employment. i can read and write. need some type of exposure. i need some money, get real.

Tue Aug 22 2006 7:52 PM

Da Bratty One:

This site is a joke. Stupid people with stupid scripts desperately writing on here trying to get some exposure. Funny thing is all of what I read on here sucks, and whats funnier is that none of you will ever probably hear from QT or anyone that's serious. Get real people, get a life and move on. Suckaz

Wed Aug 23 2006 11:29 PM


Dayamn Da Bratty One, don't sugar coat it, tell it like it is please?

If you've got anythang on us then post it girl. Let's see some of your writing? You prolly didn't even know that Quentin wrote "True Romance" did ya? Homeboy is the Jimi Hendrix of script writing so no, you go get a fucken life ya dolt.

Sat Sep 2 2006 10:35 PM


Hey Quentin? Give this Fedorico dude a chance. He's got definate passion brother. Dude has a heart for film.

Sat Sep 2 2006 10:55 PM

Da Bratty One:

Jordan ya sucka you are a joke. You need to get a life man.

Thu Sep 7 2006 5:41 PM

online casino:

Mon Sep 11 2006 9:01 AM


Hey Mr. Tarantino I just wanted to share some ideas I have with you. You are my biggest inspiration and are the reason why I write. Where I live all I do is write, there is nothing else to do. I think I have something with my last story and would love if you could read it. Id also like to thank you for saying the words "just do it" I first heard you say this in the deleted scenes of Pulp Fiction and was immediatly struck by it. You got me out of the bad track I was on and onto a better one. (p.s. Dusk Til Dawn is the fuckin biggest badass movie I have seen in my life.)
Id like to hear from you man.

Wed Sep 13 2006 7:31 PM


im a huge fan of your, QT, my favorite movie of yours is eather Pulp Fiction, or Jackie Brown. I LOVE movies, they are my passion of all passions, i want to be a director one day.

Fri Sep 15 2006 12:59 PM

bob brinker:

kiss my blacq ass

Sun Sep 17 2006 5:00 PM


Hi Quentin
My husband and I love ALL your movies!!!
I've got a great idea for a movie/story but no talent what so ever.
My husband has worked as a country club manager for over a decade and the wildest/weirdest things have happened over the years in 5 different clubs, 3 different states.
I got this idea for someone talented like yourself to talk with him to get the stories. Then I imagine you putting YOUR magic to the tales for a really orginal show. Please contact me because he doesnt think you will but I'm believing that once you start talking with him you will be inspired!

Keep creating for us, Linda

Fri Sep 29 2006 6:44 PM

Charles Rey:

I agree with EP, when is Quentin Tarantino going to make "Jules walks the earth?" The story of Jules from Pulp Fiction after he gave up his life of crime after he had his vision. Was he successful via Kung Fu? Or did he have to resort to his old ways? I know Samuel Jackson would say yes to the project. I'm sure a lot of Pulp Fiction fans would agree that this would be a great movie. More people, speak to Quentin that this movie is wanted please.

Wed Oct 4 2006 5:23 PM

rose solar:

Dear Quentin, I have a bet going with my friends that since you live in L.A., where there's Mexican culture, you must've seen Maria Felix in LA GENERALA. Did I win the bet? Rose S.

Fri Oct 6 2006 9:16 PM

vern fehr:

How about a spaggetti western? It would be fun to watch. Idea of title STIFF UPPER LIP. with ac/dc stiffupperlip soundtrack. The movies out ther just suck.We need to make another movie like PULP FICTION in the year 1888.I have some ideas from your fan north of border eh.

Sat Nov 25 2006 9:34 AM


Dear Mr. Tarantino,

Despite the fact that I am a great admirer of your work I have some music that might interest
you for any future movies.
I you are interested plse let me know by e-mail.


Sun Nov 26 2006 8:51 PM


Hello Mr. qt
how did you like the new James Bond film?

Sun Dec 3 2006 8:25 PM

Wild Willy:

Jes, Even though it didn't end up being QT's gig, I thought it was the best 007 movie yet. It was much more realistic rather than being so fantasy. Stronger action & character, instead of so many gadgets & him always looking like a mannequin in the window of a tux store. It had the feel of an actual action/adventure movie like The Bourne Identity...

Mon Dec 4 2006 11:51 AM


hello friends! I want to felicitate you on New Year and wish a lot of health and happiness, wild thornberrys
to the real love and understanding. Happy new year.

Sun Dec 31 2006 4:48 PM


Hostel SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Jan 5 2007 12:49 AM

John Seda:

Hi Quentin,

My name is John Seda and you don't know me but my staff and I are a Big fan of yours. I own a recording studio in Tampa, Florida and for years I have been developing artists and finally we have something we consider big. The band is called "The Producers" which are the staff producers who have joined to create a unique style of Hip Hop. We are currently working on a image of our lead singer who we have named "The Don Diamonte" inspired off your Kill Bill series. Basically it's a spoof on Hip Hop. We are not into all this gangster rap stuff so we decided what the heck, what if developed this artist The Don Diamonte and created this story that he was once a ex assassin but finally decided to change a become this Party King. All the songs are written around the Don and people are just loving it. I know you are a busy man but something has been telling me inside that if you feel what we are feeling you just might get behind us. We always sit around after sessions day dreaming of the possibility of working with you to produce and direct our music videos. I understand you must be always on a busy schedule and most of all you probably don't have the time for this sort of thing but if you feel something through this email we would love and be honored to work with you. Please visit our myspace page and see if you feel what we do.
www.myspace/risingsunmusicworld or visit our recording studio website


John Seda
Rising Sun Music
813-215-3029 cell

Fri Jan 5 2007 2:19 PM


PULP FICTION cabby "ANGELA JONES" stars in "THE CAPER" coming to DVD 4/3/07. Also starring "RON JEREMY"

Mon Jan 15 2007 1:49 PM

tim grocutt:

hi im tim. my life started at about 16 wen i finaly left school and i went to college to do art. after 3 years i speshalised in 3D, pottery and caramics. but wial i was dooing this i got in to music. it seamed to be a better medim for me. i aplyed to uny for graphic desine to keep my parance happy but i didet get in thank god. and since then ive red the i ching and smoked lots of pot. naw i thing i want to make fillms. im trying to get in to fillm school. im makeing a fillm calld "the sea monster". i nead toget sumwere with likeminded peeps. help!

Tue Jan 16 2007 8:20 PM

Wild Willy:

Wow! Tim, if you're still tokin'...slow down. I don't know how old you are, but if you're gonna do anything w/ your life you should at least start by takin' a com. col. english course. I smoked, tweaked, snorted & even suffered head injuries from a car accident...but I'm glad I changed my perspective on life or who knows where/if I would be now. I am an oil painting artist myself & I know that pot made me creative to begin, but too much started my chain of things to get worse(including my accident) causing confusion as to what to do w/ my life. Face reality & restart your life, when you're ready you'll have a much clearer view of what you want to focus on...Don't fuck yourself!

Fri Jan 26 2007 5:49 PM

Ben Samawi:

Because so many of your movies show contrasts in the various scenes, (violence/humor) I thought that you would be the person most able to make this idea work. The idea is that in some sort of fight scene most probably amongst two acrimonious groups with some really violent carnage going on , that Wars "Why can't we be freinds" is playing in the background.It just seems too perfect an idea not to be seen somewhere.

Sat Jan 27 2007 10:25 PM

Richard M. Tierney:

Quentin contact me i am artist Richard M. Tierney
Leonardo NJ brooklyn graffitti artist born March 27 1963 now metal sculptor painter sick fuckin poet i love ur movie shit and have new concepts for u to explore in movie making u are great but i want to take u to the next level if u can believe that. whoever reads this get to quentin and let him know i am the real deal my cell is
732-546-6735 im not playin Q

Thu Feb 1 2007 11:46 PM

Richard M. Tierney:

hello Quentin, pardon my last rave but i really
think i have a wild new concept and feel it would be to your advantage to contact me so we could chat like i said i am the real deal as far as being an artist, metal sculptor, painter, writer, poet, furniture designer, welder, funnyman, father of 3 girls, loyal fan and deserver of a chance meeting with you. Thanks Rick

Wed Feb 7 2007 11:25 PM


Boccia's D'Italia 801-452-0193

Tue Feb 13 2007 2:55 PM

Francesca Brearley:

Hiya im doing a research paper on how women are protrayed in your film and i was wondering if you have and comments on the matter .
regards Francesca

Thu Feb 15 2007 6:30 AM

Beau Rigor:

Your movie sucked completely. "The Protector" was without a doubt the crappiest action movie that has ever been my misfortune to see. I might as well have been sitting down to a crap sandwich for an hour and a half. You should just stop directing because you're waisting money and everybody's time who watches your movies. I want to ask you a couple of questions.

1. Why does the movie suck so bad? I mean, come on.
2. Why does the beginning remind me of "The Jungle Book?"
3. Where did the pointy boats come from when What's His Face kidnapped that other Thai homo?
4. Why was the sound of the people talking so delayed?
5. Why did it sound like little twigs snapping in half when What's His Face hit people?
6. Again, why did this movie suck so bad?
7. Why did it seem like when What's His Face was fighting in that room with fifty people everybody was waiting their turn to attack him?
8. How on God's green planet did that guy sling that 1000 pound baby elephant?
9. Why did it suck so bad? "Fearless" was 100 times better. you should get advice from Ronny Yu?

You suck at making movies. Go away. I didn't like any of your other movies either. You suck. Stop making movies. You're a crappy actor too. Go away, and dont let me ever hear of you again. I feel sorry for your family. What are you on? Is it meth? Are you riding the white horse?

That story line was even crappier that "Chrley's Angels." I feel sorry for Tony Jaa, because he has real talent.

I had more fun making fun of your movie than actually watching it.

Finally, go away and shut up, no one likes you. The world would be better if you weren't around. I hope I hurt your feelings, because you hurt mine.

The End

Sun Feb 18 2007 9:09 PM

Beau Rigor:

E-mail me. I want you to tell me off.

Sun Feb 18 2007 9:10 PM


Here's to you QT enjoy!

Wed Feb 21 2007 8:01 PM


Tarantino, despite being the dog's bollocks,is still a lightweight Warhol/Pop-Art sensationalist. His films are very watchable and entertaining but have no originality and are a conglomeration of other directors styles. Don't get me wrong, I can watch his films all day and appreciate his application of styles. It is probably wrong of me to criticise as the passing of time and the global appreciation of styles means that, as with music styles,they are unconsciously repeated. Just as Q used the red sky from 'Goku: the bodysnatcher from hell' in 'Kill Bill'. He should agree that when (unfairly) compared with Keisuke Kinoshita and his 1955 effort "Twenty-Four Eyes" he may require a lot more experience to elicit an emotional response from his audience as demonstrated by that production. ( Hey, It beat 'The Seven Samurai" in best film of 1954). Or am I just an old curmudgeon bemoaning the excellence of these young upstarts. Probably the latter - Please excuse me!!

Thu Feb 22 2007 11:36 PM


I have a very cool, unique idea for a film. How do I get the idea into the right hands without fear of someone just taking it and making it their own? I do not live in California, and I do not have much money for the copywriting process, what ever that may be. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Fri Feb 23 2007 3:16 PM

Raj Parmar:

Respected, Q.T.:

It's time that Hollywood meets Bollywood!.

Please do an English Remake of the Bollywood movie called "Don". A current version came out and man you got to check it out. Q.T. check it out!. Get back to me!.

You are the only one that can do justice to this movie and i am sure the American MOvie audience will love this.

Hope to hear from You!!!

Tue Feb 27 2007 6:15 PM


Hi Quentin
Just thought I'd let you know that, we all think your a talented and artistic person. I have a great deal of respect for your work and accomplishments.
Your Family must be very proud of you.
As for Aunt Virginia I'm sure she is. As for my belated Uncle Valmont R's side we are..Keep up the good work, I await your for next Box Office Hit..

Thu Mar 1 2007 8:30 AM


Barbie Bandits to be made into film

'Barbie Bandits' to be made into a feature film. HANI films has begun development on the story of two teenage female bank robbers who along with a small time drug dealer and a slick talking bank teller pull off the heist of their young lives.
When 18-year-old Nicky gets kicked out of her house she starts to run with the wrong crowd. First she moves in with her girlfriend a stripper named Shelly. After an all-nighter Nicky decides to enlist in the Army to turn her life around. She is set back though when she gets a DUI. After that Nicky heads into a downwards spiral and within a few weeks she is topless dancing in Atlanta. There she meets her demise in a small time drug dealer Deuce. Along with Deuce and Shelly they enlist the last member of their crew Todd a teller at the local bank. Disguised only in Jackie-O sunglasses and a bright smile they rob the bank and make their getaway unnoticed… All of course doesn’t go as planned and in the end… crime never pays.

Principal Photography set for July 2007. Chris Hanaford (theCAPER DVD Release 4/3/07 York Ent.) will write and direct.

Sun Mar 4 2007 8:18 PM

Mr. Brown:

Quentin Im a HUGE FAN of your work. I'm finishing Culinary College at Le Cordon Bleu Institute and it would be an honor to do my internship for you, R. Rodriguez and for your crew. Ofcoarse it would be for class credit. I'm a great Chef and i wouldn't let you down. Give it a chance, its either your way or the highway. But so you know IM A GREAT COOK.

Wed Mar 21 2007 4:43 PM

Mr. Blonde:

Hey Quentin I think you should hire this Mr. Brown. I got a good feeling about this one. I don't see anything wrong with having a chef on board especially if it doesn't cost a thing.

Wed Mar 21 2007 4:48 PM

Nice Guy Eddie:

i talked to daddy and he said to make this Mr.Brown guy a part of our team. 3\21\07
His email address is

Wed Mar 21 2007 4:51 PM

JOe in Vancouver:

Tarantino you rock dude, I'm writing a new western that is balls to the walls, mixing peckipa with sergio leone, the genius. I know that people don't respond to western the way they used to but f*** it if people write for the dumb of the masses movies would suck ass, which most do. Keep up the nostalgia so people can understand what movies of the past were like; real writing with unbelievable scenarios; I love what you've done with hollywood. More real stunts and less CGI please.

P.S. Die Hard was a great trilogy which looks like(from the previews) it's going to be a terrible end to a great franchise.

NEWays peace and go indie in the mainstream which is a complete contradiction. Now I'm OUt


Sat Mar 31 2007 6:02 AM


your starting to slip man...need help? give me a call.

Fri Apr 6 2007 3:46 AM

Wild Willy:

I saw Grindhouse yesterday & I saw it in an old movie theatre where I used 2 go when I was young...1 that now is used for having some new films, but mostly playing films that have almost worn their welcome 2 theatres. It had the perfect ambiance 4 this movie...So if u want 2 enjoy this movie the most, find an older theatre that's getting worn so u get a better feel of this movie! The 1st 1/2 was very cheesy, 2 show the types of movies they used 2 show in the grindhouses. Death Proof was not cheesy really but didn't have much of a plot, very simple. Kurt Russell did an outstanding job w/ his character, being very psycotically calm & collected...very similar 2 Snake Plisskin. The chase scene that was led 2 at the end was phenomenal, making an awesome climax 2 end the whole movie w/. It'll b a long time b4 that will b topped, if ever. WOW! Mr. Tarantino...Rock On!

Sat Apr 7 2007 7:37 PM

Bob Morgan:

Hey Big Bad Q.

I first want to thank you for putting together GRINDHOUSE. That one was fantastic!!! I totally loved it. Finally somebody has figured out what guys like me like to watch. I haven't heard a crowd make that kind of noise at the movies since I was a kid. And maybe not even then.

I'm a novelist who until recently was pretty much banned from being published by the major publishers because of political incorrectness. After self-publishing for about 10 years and getting all kinds of great comments from other authors and being ignored by the mainstream media I finally found a publisher with enough balls to release my novels. The John Dark books are on the production schedule for 2008 and when the first one comes out, as a thank you for all the great movies you've done, I'd like to send you a copy of Blood And Rain. I think you'd like these books. John Dark is a detective who is an ex-special forces soldier who's addicted to violence and wild women. The books were written for one reason: I couldn't find books crazy enough to keep me interested so I had to write them myself. My boy ends up fighting gang-bangers, drug-dealers, zombies and voodoo bokors. In the sequels he starts time traveling. But that's another story.

Anyway, let me know where I can have my publisher forward a copy of Blood And Rain and when it's available I'll have them do that.
Thanks again for all the great movies.

Take Care
Have Fun

Sun Apr 8 2007 12:00 PM

Quincy Castillo:

Mr Tarantino I will take you and Mr. Rodriguez's offer to cut off you leg when you get the Leg Gun. I had a motorcycle reck this past aug. my knee was tore up among other body parts. The doctors put a rod in my right leg I developed MSRA in my lower right leg. I couldn't get my doctors to cut my leg off so if you guys could do it that would be great. I would enjoy a Leg Gun.

Sun Apr 8 2007 8:56 PM


Quentin Fans like myself,
Check him out on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight at 1:35 a.m after Conan on NBC. Let everyone know!

Mon Apr 9 2007 1:23 PM




Mon Apr 9 2007 11:44 PM


so hello quentin I am a really fan of your job. so, I think the violence that you show and discribe in your movies are just a prevention and a denunciation of the violence. But the violence is a part of the human nature and we can't escape of it. So perhaps the utilisation of violence in usual life can just be noble if we use it in a just way or for the necessity of the human values . But I think the violence can be noble and necessary when all the ways of commmunications are get off .And I hope that violence can sublimate human kind when the cause is noble. So the quest of the bride was noble and her violence was justified .I am an absolutely fan of KILL BILL. GREAT ! I got the videos and the soundtrack and more the album of CHINGON can you believe it! malaghena salerosa never leave me now ! So good luck Quentin and go on .You are just a great guy and just make us dream ever and ever . So have some news about Karl Madsen please tell me. bye bye see you later
your super fan : CARLOS FERREIRA !!!!!!!!

Tue Apr 17 2007 4:20 PM


so hello quentin I am a really fan of your job. so, I think the violence that you show and discribe in your movies are just a prevention and a denunciation of the violence. But the violence is a part of the human nature and we can't escape of it. So perhaps the utilisation of violence in usual life can just be noble if we use it in a just way or for the necessity of the human values . But I think the violence can be noble and necessary when all the ways of commmunications are get off .And I hope that violence can sublimate human kind when the cause is noble. So the quest of the bride was noble and her violence was justified .I am an absolutely fan of KILL BILL. GREAT ! I got the videos and the soundtrack and more the album of CHINGON can you believe it! malaghena salerosa never leave me now ! So good luck Quentin and go on .You are just a great guy and just make us dream ever and ever . So have some news about Karl Madsen please tell me. bye bye see you later
your super fan : CARLOS FERREIRA !!!!!!!!

Tue Apr 17 2007 4:20 PM

Peter Henrich:

Quentin! How do you kick so much ass? Death Proof was one of the best movies I've seen in my life. If anyone badmouths it, I have come to the habit of removing their appendrixes, with my teeth. Please continue making mindblowing movies.

Tue Apr 17 2007 9:37 PM

Sean Grasse:

Hey, First I'll Just say your great...Grindhouse Was so amazing sorry you didn't do better in the box office but i have a Question. I was Watching Reservoir Dogs and i noticed that a lot of cast could be related to certain traits of Fantastic 4 characters. Now i had a lot of tell me i was over thinking it but i just couldn't help notice the Silver Surfer Poster in Mr. orange Room and the way they Describe joe AS the thing and the next screen shot was a phone with a Thing doll next to it. Plus Mr. Pink seems to just Disappear at the final Gun Down kinda like The Invisible Girl, So i was just wondering if that was your intention....thanks

P.S I love how you Write your scripts...I read death proof and i like your little corks.

Tue Apr 17 2007 10:56 PM


Peace people

We love you

Wed May 2 2007 10:54 AM

Eric Larsson:

Choise of music for next movie, Flamin Groovies
"Teenage Head" ,I think it´s goonna be a Fantastic combination.

Thu May 17 2007 2:25 PM

Andrei Babrbu:

How's it going?! I realy enjoy making movies. It is something I couldn't live without. It makes part of my "being me".
I go to a film school in Romania and I do more than my teachers, the secretary or my other colegs expect. I feel it's about time to let my selfout there, by that I mean in the fucking industry. Well hell you need to or else. I realy don't want to be so restricted on my fantasy creative artworks.
SO I would like tu ask someone, who maybe knows how
you can contact Mr Q.T. I realy wish to send him my lestest movie "NO SUGAR" and a original script too "LEGO".
So pls if any of know something or have a hint
just tell me aaaiiiT!?
Keep on doing your thing :)

Wed Jul 11 2007 12:48 PM

Stephen Hartman:

why the heck are the GRINDHOUSE MOVIES being released as 2 damned separate DVD's instead of 1 2 DVD set.
the movie was originally released in N.Y. as one very good movie, yet some schmuck decided to release the two films as two diferent DVD's?
what's the matter, the film didn't make enough money, so you are tyring to recoop loses? this is a lousy trick, for those of us who spent good money to see the original release. even with the $5.00 coupon for the second DVD, it still s--k's!

Tue Sep 4 2007 3:02 PM

Jim Gilliam
Jim Gilliam


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