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The Outfoxed Drinking Game

August 22, 2004 11:01 AM

Courtesy of Goldberg and Guthrie:

1. Drink whenever Bill O'Reilly says "shut-up."
2. Drink whenever Bill O'R accuses someone of "dodging" the factor or of otherwise being afraid of the factor.
3. Drink whenever Bill O'reilly claims that he is non-partisan.
4. Drink when Sean Hannity questions someone's patriotism
5. Drink when Sean Hannity says something demonstrably false
6. Drink then Brit Hume editorializes a straight news piece.
7. Drink whenever Walter Cronkite is on the screen.
8. Whenever Neil Cavuto comes on screen, do something crazy.

The comments on the test run of the drinking game are priceless:

"Clearly, rule number one will be our downfall. That was a tough three minutes there."

On drinking everytime someone says "some people say": "Luckily, we don't have that rule."

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The Outfoxed Drinking Game (08.22.2004)

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""During the week ending Aug. 8, 966,000 people visited the anti-Kerry group's Web site, 34,000 fewer than those who visited Kerry's official site, according to Nielsen/Net Ratings. The new CBS poll found Kerry winning 37 percent of veterans' votes to Bush's 55 percent. (The two were tied at 46 percent after last month's Democratic National Convention, where Kerry highlighted his service.)"

Mon Aug 23 2004 7:52 AM


hey Jim, thanks for the link! The night ended up pretty ugly, let me tell you!

Mon Aug 23 2004 6:02 PM

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