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"well-orchestrated campaign" ... "a newly forming alliance"

August 10, 2004 1:36 AM

Jan Fleischhauer in Der Spiegel:

[FNC] is chided as the "Pravda of the Republicans," as a "liars' network," "Bush' mouthpiece," or "apparatus of mass stultification." Network director Ailes is periodically compared to Goebbels, Hitler's head of propaganda. Until recently, expressions of contempt have been limited to a few books and web sites. For the past few weeks, however, Fox News has been faced with what is probably the most well-orchestrated campaign to date of a newly forming alliance.

And I can't resist including this line: "Fox News is something like the busty blonde among news channels: colorful, loud, in-your-face, and always wearing a little too much make-up."

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"well-orchestrated campaign" ... "a newly forming alliance" (08.10.2004)

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As apposed to CNN's "don't wake me when you go, just leave the money on dresser" approach to reporting.

Tue Aug 10 2004 11:09 AM

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