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6 weeks to go...

September 22, 2004 3:35 PM

Lots going on in the office today...

Remember that documentary Warner Brothers killed by the director of Three Kings? They paid 200 grand to make it and were set to distribute the 35 minute film with the re-release of Three Kings, until they saw it and realized that it "condemns, basically, war." Can't do that. So our distributor, Cinema Libre, just picked it up. Soldier's Pay will debut in a double bill with Uncovered starting Friday at the Roxie in San Francisco and the Oaks in Berkeley. It will expand to other theaters after that, and will be on the new Uncovered DVD release Oct. 19th.

Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties is the final installment in the "Un" trilogy. It's about the assault on civil liberties in America since 9/11, and is sponsored by the ACLU. We're getting set to start promoting it next week, but you can be one of the first to buy it online now on DVD. Unconstitutional will hit theaters in a double bill with an updated Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election starting Oct. 1st in NYC & DC. Portland, San Francisco and Berkeley are scheduled after that.

Robert will have FOUR films in theaters starting October 1st and extending up til election day. This has got to be some kind of record. Even when George Lucas re-released Star Wars a few years back, that was only three movies.

And finally, the response to the Outfoxed online Creative Commons release has been outstanding, over a thousand people have downloaded the interviews so far. Uncovered is coming in the next few days.

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6 weeks to go... (09.22.2004)

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Steve Rhodes:

Don't they realize that they already distributed a movie that "condemns, basically, war" called Three Kings.

The Roxie is doing a sneak of the Uncovered/Soldier's Pay combo tonight (Thursday) at 8 pm. Russell is in town to promote Huckabees and will answers questions at the Roxie screening.

It would be great if he would make Soldier's Pay available for download at so it could reach the widest possible audience.

Thu Sep 23 2004 12:21 AM

Jim Gilliam:

Great idea, Steve. I'm investigating the possibility.

Thu Sep 23 2004 8:07 AM

Jim Gilliam
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