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Blue Truth vs. Red Truth

September 19, 2004 3:21 PM

Time's cover story this week, "Blue Truth, Red Truth", is a high-level deconstruction of the presidential campaigns and the media so far:

Thus do the most important issues unfold, not just across the gray pages of the serious papers but in a foaming free-for-all in which every charge, however fair or false, gets Blackberried and instant messaged in a Darwinian democracy of ideas.

Time highlights the difference in the two campaigns' use of the internet. Kerry using it in a very simple way, mostly to raise money, while the Bush team is far more sophisticated, using blogs to drive messaging. An anonymous Kerry advisor: "I don't think this campaign really understands the new technology. Yes, they raised money with it, but they don't see it as an organizational tool." Turns out all the smart Democrats were running the Dean campaign. (well not so smart.. he did lose)

Amazingly, Time highlights documentaries like Unprecedented, Uncovered, and Outfoxed -- all mentioned as "potent weapons" for Blue Truth -- as the primary Democratic innovation this election. Richard Viguerie, the "godfather" of direct mail: "I had two meetings on that very issue this week. I feel conservatives do a lot of things well, but movies are not on that list."

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Blue Truth vs. Red Truth (09.19.2004)

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Michael Moore's truth?
Dan Rathers' Truth?
Kitty Kellie's truth?
Kerry's truth seems to depend on the day.

The only truth liberals are involved with is their common hatred for the American President.

I cant wait for Nov 3rd.

Mon Sep 20 2004 10:12 AM


Of course not like your hatred for liberals and liberal ideas.

Mon Sep 20 2004 10:23 AM


Bush's truth is that democracy is flowering in Iraq. I guess that's one way of looking at it.

Mon Sep 20 2004 11:09 AM

yasir jadogar:

i m yasir ha ha ha ha

Tue Feb 21 2006 2:52 AM

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