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Documentarians -- Release your footage!

September 21, 2004 9:03 PM

Daniel Terdiman wrote a piece in Wired News on our release of the Outfoxed interviews for remixing.

To many in the film industry, Greenwald's decision to make the raw Outfoxed content available for download on Internet Archive and torrentocracy is an exciting move and one that could set an important precedent. By all accounts, it's one of the first times a major motion picture has been offered for public manipulation.

Here's a challenge to other political documentarians -- The Corporation, Bush's Brain, Orwell Rolls in his Grave, Hijacking Catastrophe, The Hunting of the President and Fahrenheit 9/11 -- release your footage! The interviews from all these films would inspire a lot of creativity.

Michael Moore -- this means you!

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Documentarians -- Release your footage! (09.21.2004)

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Right Wing Robby:

Cut and paste artists dont make documentaries, they make propaganda. Which is exactly what outfoxed is.

Wed Sep 22 2004 6:48 AM

raging red:

Why is it assumed that propaganda is a pejorative term?

propaganda="the systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause"

Simply calling something propaganda doesn't mean it's not true.

Wed Sep 22 2004 9:02 AM

Tom from Madison:

The right wing has used talk-radio and cable "news" networks like Fox as it's medium for propaganda distribution for years. It's very telling that right-wingers who are quick to condemn the "propaganda" of Michael Moore don't object to Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly's dis-information campaigns.

Wed Sep 22 2004 1:35 PM

Right Wing Robby:

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly dont call their work documentaries and Michael Moore does.

Nice knee jerk attack though.

Wed Sep 22 2004 1:45 PM

Jim Gilliam:

Robby, I think you just admitted Bill O'Reilly is a propagandist!

Wed Sep 22 2004 2:52 PM


Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly think their shit doesn't stink too.
Limbaugh 'journalistic excelllence'?
O'Rielly 'No Spin'?

Complete ego maniacs. Conservatives are attracted to these madmen.

So who's you're daddy? Rush or Bill.

Wed Sep 22 2004 10:49 PM

Steve Rhodes:

Look, Michael Moore makes documentaries. Documentaries are a much more diverse and complex documentary then many people know. He makes what are called personal essay films.

Lewis Menand explained it in the New Yorker better than I can (which is interesting because some of the earliest attacks on Moore came from Pauline Kael in the New Yorker).

Fri Sep 24 2004 1:20 AM

Kent Bye:

I think the true value of open-source comes in during the post-production development phase.

I am about to launch a documentary post-production experiment that uses a hybrid between the open-source development model combined with the scientific method. I am doing it through interview transcripts and not the raw footage though.

I do think that collaborative journalism is the wave of the future, and I've laid out a plan for how it might work at

One limitation to a carte blanche release of footage is the constraints of the image release forms that interviewees sign. When the interviewee signed the form, it was probably under the intention and constraint that the footage would be under the control of that director.

From the perspective of the interviewee, they are already concerned with how they'll be edited by that director, let alone ANY director.

I had enough trouble trying to get conservatives to talk to me for my film, and I had to make some concessions of control just to be able to talk to people like Grover Norquist.

I think open-sourcing the footage and transcripts would help ENSURE that the subject's content was put into proper context by making available the entire interview, but yet at the same time, the negative PR costs of a quote used out of context can do a lot of damage when most people don't see the correction.

Fri Sep 24 2004 8:27 AM

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