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GOP -- radical religious ideologues

September 27, 2004 7:52 AM

House Majority Preacher Tom DeLay in a USA Today op-ed heralding the GOP record:

In the past decade, Republicans have helped American families heal the wounds inflicted by a cynical culture of death. In the next decade, we will join America's armies of compassion and work to cultivate our nation's emerging culture of life, by ending government discrimination against faith-based organizations, protecting the family and the noble role of faith in the public square.

He ends with this: "The past 10 years have shown that Republicans can govern. The next 10 will show why Republicans should."

They never passed the promised balanced budget amendment, and we're now at record deficits. As a percent of the economy, the federal budget is roughly the same as a decade ago. Federal spending has increased 59%, more than twice the rate of inflation.

Republicans, led by Tom DeLay, are not fiscally conservative, they are radical religious ideologues.

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GOP -- radical religious ideologues (09.27.2004)

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Right Wing Robby:

What your engaging in here is called stereotyping.

Mon Sep 27 2004 11:42 AM

Red Ghost:

Sub "Republicans" for "The Republican Party"...

I'm assuming by "Rebublicans" Jim meant politicians and not the congregation, but, you know, whatevs.

Mon Sep 27 2004 1:22 PM

Tom from Madison:

The Karl Rove neo-con play book calls for: 1) running up record deficits; 2) always cutting taxes no matter what the level of taxation or economic circumstance--no exception even when we're at war; 3) claiming that this is necessary to stimulate growth. When the situation gets dire enough they plan to: 4) eliminate services and social programs because we have no other choice. This is often referred to as making the government so small it "can be drowned in a bath tub".

This has mostly been tried at the state and local levels where public schools, police, and fire departments are being dismantled by removing their funding--with disasterous consequences.

Aside from being greed-based, totally assinine, and contrary to what is good for most people, the neo-cons are being DISHONEST. Evil doers like Karl Rove know they'll never get a majority to back their scheme if they talk about what they really have in mind. Ergo, they need a phony like Bush to pretend he's just like everybody else.

Fri Oct 1 2004 1:15 PM

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