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Iraq's Prime Minister is working for the Bush campaign

September 30, 2004 9:51 PM

Remember how similar Allawi's speech was to previous Bush speeches? Now we know why... Bush's campaign helped draft it.

Dana Milbank and Mike Allen drop the bombshell: "details have emerged showing the U.S. government and a representative of President Bush's reelection campaign had been heavily involved in drafting the speech given to Congress last week by interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi."

Josh Marshall points out: "Our appointed leader of Iraq is working on behalf of the Bush reelection campaign -- not figuratively, but literally -- which is another reason why, as I've stated before, it's so important for us to democratize Iraq, and quickly. Because once we do, some of them can come back here and re-democratize us."

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Iraq's Prime Minister is working for the Bush campaign (09.30.2004)

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evil conservative666:

Shit. Guess I have to vote for Kerry now.

Fri Oct 1 2004 7:27 AM


Hey Jim, how did your site get overrun with all these ranting raging conservatives? I'm amazed at all the right wingers that read your sight and comment. I wonder where all the liberals and non-partisans are, they seem to be few and far between around here, any thoughts?

Also, I think allowing comment threads that aren't facilitating intelligent exchange of ideas is a questionable idea on a site such as this. It's much like a lot of the media coverage (all kinds). They pick a subject, bring on a liberal and a conservative, they completely disagree and spin in their own favor and the news reporter moves on to the next subject. What have we learned at that point? Where is the accountablity? Is that not the time when the newscaster (or site owner) should then shine a light on the incorrect and misleading comments and reveal the truth? The posters on here only fan the fire that is the loss of genuine political discourse.

In my opinion, the responsibility of the news media, and to some extent sites like this, should be to educate, to show the reality of situations. Not just to allow half-cocked, semi-educated opinions, like most of the commentors on this site do.

Thank you.

Fri Oct 1 2004 12:12 PM

evil conservative666:


In case you were wondering, I'll talk a little about myself. My name is Jim, I live in VA, and I wandered onto this site when i did a google search back after the O'Reilly-Krugman interview on Tim Russert's show. Ever since I've been coming and reading because it's frankly more interesting than watching a liberal slanted news network. I do for the most part enjoy the discussion format, and only have a problem with a couple of the people I've found here. I don't usually intend to ruffle any feathers, I just like to joke around a little bit. Now if even discussing politics with a conservative makes you throw up in your mouth, then I'll be gone, cause it won't be fun for me either, but I hope that's not the case. I don't think there's anything wrong with at least attempting to understand what the other side thinks.

Fri Oct 1 2004 12:33 PM

Right Wing Robby:

Jim does exactly the right thing and allows opposing viewpoints. He should be rewarded for it. I disagree with just about every letter Jim types on his left leaning keyboard, but repect him for maintaining a forum that allows for uncensored sharing of ideas.

Fri Oct 1 2004 1:07 PM


Which is better? Eschaton - unfiltered comments, DailyKos - sheltered community, or Josh Marshall - no comments?

I like all of those websites. It's up to Jim if he wants comments or not. It makes no difference to me, except that if there were no comments, I would probably waste less time in pointless arguments with right wing zombies. (No offense intended, zombies.)

Fri Oct 1 2004 6:44 PM

Right Wing Robby:

Well, I respect your opinion even if I disagree with it Paul.

Mon Oct 4 2004 3:03 PM

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