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Next stop... Syria?

September 26, 2004 10:30 PM

In April 2003, neocon ideologues Doug Feith and William Luti -- high off their "mission accomplished" in Iraq -- were working on the justification to invade Syria. Bush was forced to nix the idea publicly. Newsweek reports that they're at it again: "Deep in the Pentagon, admirals and generals are updating plans for possible U.S. military action in Syria and Iran. ... Syria is regarded as a major route for jihadis entering Iraq."

Meanwhile, the "intelligence" (we know what that's worth) is mounting that Syria is clandestinely developing nuclear weapons. Some of which indicates that Syria President Bashir al-Asad is trying to shuffle off the dozen or so Iraqi nuclear technicians hiding in his country to Iran. Seems sketchy to me. Wouldn't he just want to make us think he's sending them to Iran so we'd focus on them instead?

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Next stop... Syria? (09.26.2004)

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