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Outfoxed interviews available for remixing

September 14, 2004 11:36 PM

We just released the Outfoxed interviews online under a Creative Commons license that allows others to use the interviews in their own projects without any permission from us.

One thing I've learned the last year and a half working on documentaries is that it's all about the footage, and who controls access to that footage. You'd think that charging upwards of $80/sec to license footage would encourage the major networks to make life easy on the filmmaker, but no. My favorite time was when CNN asked for a transcript of their own program because they didn't think it existed. "Let me introduce you to Nexis, I think your reporters might have used it long, long ago."

So we're walking the talk, and giving away the interviews to anyone who might want to use them. Uncovered is next on deck.

You can download the 48 minutes of interviews here in a slew of high resolution formats thanks to the Internet Archive and a torrent is available thanks to Torrentocracy.

Fox News wouldn't let us use their footage in Uncovered, but now they can use ours... free. (We didn't bother asking for Outfoxed.)

More from the archive in Outfoxed.

Outfoxed interviews available for remixing (09.14.2004)

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"Let me introduce you to Nexis, I think your reporters might have used it long, long ago."

Good thing I didn't take too big a gulp of coffee before I read that.

Wed Sep 15 2004 11:18 AM


Oh, kudos on releasing the interviews under the Creative Commons license. Sounds like Lawrence Lessig got to you guys. :)

Wed Sep 15 2004 11:20 AM

Kristie Alshaibi:

In 1999-2000 I did the same for my feature length movie "Other People's Mirrors." On the web site called, I had a page called "The Bin," full of raw fotage in Quicktime format, and a page called "The Mixes," which showcased the variations created using those clips (submitted by members of the more than 4500 person free web community built around the making of the movie).

Bandwidth was a huge issue then (in fact the site had to be shut down due to expensive bandwidth requirments). I'm thrilled to see this obstacle dissolving in just a period of four or five years.

Anyway I'm excited to see what happens with this. Best of luck.

Kristie Alshaibi

Tue Sep 21 2004 4:45 PM


Good show guys! I just wish more film makers thought like you do.


Tue Sep 21 2004 6:29 PM


I am in disbelief, shock, and bordering on depression, turning into a drive to do something more than become aware. Thank you for the permission to use your material for free. You truely are helping to save our lives by making information widely available. Thank you all for the enormous project you hard workers undertook. Your dedication and a drive to educate the public "we the people" is beyond admirable. Thanks to the interviewed on Outfoxed & Uncovered no one can deny the truth any longer. Also, I find it astounding that Fahrenheit 911 as well as the documentary about Presidential Candidate John Kerry have not been show in theaters in St. Petersburg. The mayor Rick Baker and the governor Jeb Bush are very good buddies. Also, it appears to be an attempt to exclude minorities who are less likely to travel to another town to view these documentaries. The national Bush/Baker connection and the Florida Bush/Baker connection just hit me tonight after watching both Outfoxed and Uncovered. Other disturbing facts have been in my mind but no one listens. Soon after Jeb Bush became govenor of Florida, all of Florida's driver license information including photos was "sent" to TEXAS, unless each individual "opted out". Another act that has bothered me is the disolution of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner in the State of Florida that has been a great defense for the individuals and small companies. I personally know a registered democrate whose voting rights were removed after 30 years or more. He went to court to have them restored, but there is no record of him ever doing so. People thought I was being paranoid, however, after viewing your movies as well as Fahrenheit 911 maybe they will rethink their views. Again, thank you so much for presevering against all odds.

Sun Oct 3 2004 10:22 PM


Great work! I've been hammering away at Faux news since 2001, even bought a domain name inspired by the nazis in 2002. Despite what you may have heard, it was me who first created that (totally unimaginative) "Faux News Channel" logo, though a few others have had more success selling it on t-shirts.

This current flap with Carl "Stammerin" Cameron making shit up about John Kerry is just another brick in the wall. Funny how FOX was all over Dan Rather's ass but now not so inclined to grill one of their own. Remember, Carl Cameron was the guy who reported Israel had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks -- and then buried the story after it was revealed to be nothing more than an urban legend.

Anyway, love the film, and if there's any other way I can donate let me know.


Mon Oct 4 2004 12:30 PM


I thought Edwards did a good job last night - and "" (sic) has done a greta job enumerating the dirty pile of still-steaming-shit that came out of Cheney's sneer:

I'm not a particularly prolific (or even *good*) blogger, but to those of you who are -- please focus on this "the first time we met" lie. It was putatively Cheney's "best" zinger, and it clearly qualifies as another one of his lies.

Keep hammering everyone!

Wed Oct 6 2004 5:24 AM


Clearly, Fox News has hit a nerve. Sometimes that happens when people don't like other opinions being expressed openly, as in Fox News' programs. Looks to me like liberals don't like both sides being expressed. I say it's high time! Liberals have had their say on CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS for far too long without the other side being represented. Truely, Fox News is fair and balanced, but how would a liberal know what that is when they've never seen it before!

Tue Dec 27 2005 3:18 PM


Sigh! There's loyalty and then there's "blind loyalty". Some of us just don't like being lied to or treated like mindless moron's. There's enough of those at FOX news!

Sat Mar 11 2006 3:15 AM

adam katzman:

i am working with the center for peace and justice in prescott arizona and would like to put outfoxed on public telivision out here. who do i talk to about getting permission for that? thanks and please email me at [email protected]
adam katzman

Wed Aug 30 2006 7:41 PM



Is there a complete transcript of all of the interviews and who was interviewed and on which topic by place in the video?

Mon Oct 16 2006 7:47 AM

Jim Gilliam:


Mon Oct 16 2006 10:59 AM

Jim Gilliam
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